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Track Persia is a Platform run by dedicated analysts who spend much of their time researching the Middle East, in due process we fall upon many indications of growing expansionary ambitions on the part of Iran in the MENA region and the wider Islamic world. These ambitions commonly increase tensions and undermine stability.

Some Iranian women take off their hijabs as hard-liners push back

Young Iranian women sitting on the steps outside a shopping mall in northern Tehran. (AP) July 15, 2019 The simple act of walking has become a display of defiance for a young Iranian woman who often moves in Tehran’s streets without a compulsory headscarf, or hijab. With every step, she risks harassment or [...]

By |July 15th, 2019|Iran, Woman|

Britain’s Hunt says Iran one year away from nuclear bomb

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said that his country fully supported Denmark’s move in the face of illegal Iranian intelligence activities. (AFP) July 15, 2019 British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said on Monday that there was still time to save the Iran nuclear deal and that despite the United States being Britain’s closest [...]

By |July 15th, 2019|Europe|

Iran’s showdown strategy is mired in self-delusion

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei met with Iran's military commanders on the "Navy Day" on November 28, 2018. (IRIB) July 15, 2019 We have American plans and Iranian plans. Clearly, no one in Washington wants a direct military confrontation with Tehran. This does not necessarily mean that the US war on Iran will stop. This [...]

By |July 15th, 2019|Middle East, North America, USA|

Iran spy TV show glorifies hard-liners imprisoning reporter

'Gando,' shows actor Payam Dehkordi, center, who plays a character apparently based on Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian, among other actors. (AP) July 15, 2019 The Farsi caption has unfurled across the black screen of a channel of Iranian state television every night for days now, promising viewers that what they are about [...]

By |July 15th, 2019|Arts, North America, USA|

Iranian academic arrested for spying

Fariba Adelkhah is research director at the Paris Institute of Political Studies and has published studies on Iranian and Afghan societies and religion. (IranWire) July 15, 2019 A Paris-based Iranian academic has been arrested in Iran on probable charges of espionage and is believed to have been undergoing interrogations for three weeks, IranWire [...]

By |July 15th, 2019|Iran, Woman|

Converting Iraq’s army into an IRGC incarnation

Shi'ite Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) are seen in Zumar, Nineveh province, Iraq October 18, 2017. (REUTERS) July 15, 2019 Since the beginning of its revolution, the Iranian regime has acted in accordance with a doctrinal frame that was the perfect cover for achieving old imperial ambitions embodied in a specific political system and [...]

By |July 15th, 2019|Iraq|

Rouhani denies government inefficiency despite rampant problems

Head of Iran's Judiciary, Sadegh Larijani (left), Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, and Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani. August 14, 2018. (IRNA) July 15, 2019 Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has dismissed critics' claims about his administration's inefficiency as "unfair." Speaking in the northern Khorasan Province town of Shirvan on July 14, Rouhani said that [...]

By |July 15th, 2019|Iran|

Israel targets Iranian arms shipments through Sinai

Israeli Air Force F-16 fighter jets take part in a ceremony for newly graduated air force pilots at Hatzerim Air Base, June 28, 2010. (REUTERS) July 15, 2019 Israel’s military role in Sinai and the intensity of its security coordination with Egypt have come to the fore recently with the Israeli Air Force [...]

By |July 15th, 2019|Egypt, Isreal|

Iranians sentenced to 74 lashes for mandatory hijab noncompliance

Iranian women make their way in a sidewalk while wearing the “chador,” in downtown Tehran on Aug. 24, 2017. (AP) July 15, 2019 The lawyer of a number of men and women who were charged with not observing Iran’s mandatory hijab laws said that his clients were sentenced to 74 lashes each. The [...]

By |July 15th, 2019|Iran, Woman|

European powers ‘deeply troubled’ by shipping attacks, warn Iran nuclear deal could collapse

Smoke rises from an oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman after an explosion hit the vessel, June 13, 2019. (IRNA) July 15, 2019 France, Britain and Germany said on Sunday they were preoccupied by the escalation of tensions in the Gulf region and a risk of Iran's 2015 nuclear deal falling apart, [...]

By |July 15th, 2019|Europe, Middle East|