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Track Persia is a Platform run by dedicated analysts who spend much of their time researching the Middle East, in due process we fall upon many indications of growing expansionary ambitions on the part of Iran in the MENA region and the wider Islamic world. These ambitions commonly increase tensions and undermine stability.

Coronavirus dashes Iranian hopes of emerging from multi-year recession

People queue in line to receive protection packages for COVID-19 coronavirus disease provided by the Basij, a militia loyal to Iran's Islamic republic establishment. March 12, 2020. (AFP) By Saeed Ghasseminejad March 27, 2020 After a catastrophic year in which Iran’s clerical dictatorship watched the country’s economy shrink by 9.5 percent under pressure from U.S. sanctions, the [...]

By |March 27th, 2020|Iran|

‘Iran may well collapse’ under coronavirus strain, warns top EU diplomat

EU's newly appointed foreign policy chief Josep Borrell attends his hearing at the European Parliament in Brussels, October 07, 2019. (AFP) By Joel Gehrke March 27, 2020 Iran’s theocratic regime could crumble under the pressure of the coronavirus outbreak that has spread through elite ranks and the broader population alike, according to the [...]

By |March 27th, 2020|Europe, North America, USA|

Iranian hospital treated coronavirus patients before regime reported virus

A nurse wears protective gear in a ward dedicated for people infected with the new coronavirus, at a hospital in Tehran on March 8, 2020. (AP) March 27, 2020 A hospital in the Iranian city of Qazvin has been treating coronavirus patients since the first week of February, according to a nurse at [...]

By |March 27th, 2020|Iran|

Iran using time of crisis to increase its regional meddling

Strikes had been launched against positions occupied by the paramilitary umbrella group Al-Hashd Al-Shaabi. (AFP) By Majid Rafizadeh March 27, 2020 Iran is facing one of the worst public health crises in its modern history. Tens of thousands of people there have been infected with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and more than 2,000 have lost their [...]

By |March 27th, 2020|Middle East|

Iran’s Rouhani asks Khamenei for $1 billion to fight coronavirus

Rouhani said that his Health Ministry needs $1 billion for the next three months to control the outbreak. (AFP) March 27, 2020 Iran's President Hassan Rouhani says he has sent a letter to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei seeking his permission to withdraw one billion dollars from the country's foreign currency reserve to spend [...]

By |March 27th, 2020|Iran|

200,000 travelers from Iran coronavirus epicenter ordered to go back immediately

Iranian women stand at the Masoumeh shrine in Qom, about 120 kilometres south of Tehran. (AP) March 26, 2020 A healthcare official of the Qom Province on March 26 said that the 200,000 residents of the province who have traveled out must go back as soon as possible and self-isolate. Mohammad-Reza Qadir, Head [...]

By |March 26th, 2020|Iran|

US imposes fresh sanctions on Iranian individuals, companies amid coronavirus

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (left) and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announce new sanctions at the White House, January 10, 2020. (Reuters) March 26, 2020 The United States on Thursday blacklisted 20 Iran- and Iraq-based companies, officials and individuals, accusing them of supporting terrorist groups and ramping up pressure on Tehran even [...]

By |March 26th, 2020|Iraq, North America, USA|

Drugs in Iran: The “moratorium” on the death penalty

An Iranian policeman stands outside the Evin Prison in Tehran, Iran. (OKAZ) By Dariush Farahani March 26, 2020 In late 2017, following international condemnation, the Iranian government instituted a moratorium on the death penalty for drug-related offences. As a consequence, more than 5,000 individuals on death row in Iran were reported to be eligible [...]

By |March 26th, 2020|Iran|

Coronavirus chaos in Iran: Rouhani wants foreign aid, hardliners don’t

Workers set up a makeshift hospital inside the Iran Mall, northwest of Tehran. (AFP) March 26, 2020 A visiting Doctors Without Borders contingent in Isfahan has been barred from offering its relief services to coronavirus patients because of indecision, chaos and conflicts surrounding Iranian government organizations. President Hassan Rouhani says three of his [...]

By |March 26th, 2020|Europe, North America, USA|

Estimates show 60,000 coronavirus cases in Iran, 3,000 deaths

Iran's Health Ministry announced the new figures at a news conference Wednesday in Tehran. (ISNA) March 26, 2020 Data gathered by Radio Farda from various national and local media in Iran, as well as comments made by regional authorities and Health Ministry officials, indicate 3,036 people have fallen victim to the novel coronavirus. [...]

By |March 26th, 2020|Iran|