Iran’s Fatemiyoun Brigade: The soldier sent back to Afghanistan for demanding days off

The Afghan soldier was motivated by his desire to defend shrines in Syria, but also by the possibility of obtaining a residence card for himself and his family. (IranWire) October 19, 2108 This young Afghan man served from 2013 to 2015 in Syria, fighting for Iran’s Fatemiyoun Brigade, a militia primarily comprised of Afghan [...]

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Setting up by Iran’s IRGC: One Afghan’s last mission to Syria

Critics point to the Revolutionary Guards' propaganda about the honor of fighting for the Fatemiyoun Brigade. (IranWire) By Amir Mirzayi October 16, 2018 Everyone is in shock and no one can speak a word. The young wife cries so much that she is breathing heavily. The two very young children don’t know yet that [...]

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Iran’s new breed of charities on poverty frontline

People stand at the ILIA charity complex that caters to hundreds of struggling families and Afghan refugees in the Iranian capital of Tehran, on September, 11, 2018. (AFP) October 15, 2018 At an outreach center in southern Tehran, teenagers are learning to be journalists, while upstairs their mothers are fine-tuning their sewing skills [...]

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Iran faces severe drug crisis, says UN drug abuse watchdog

An Iranian policeman walks past a cloud of smoke rising from a pile of drugs set on fire during an incineration ceremony of some 50 tons of illicit drugs in an annual ritual in Tehran, June 26, 2014. (apa) October 8, 2018 The Islamic Republic of Iran continues to witness a rise in [...]

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Iran-backed Afghan fighters knew the risks involved in Syria

Afghans fighting in Syria are probably one of the militant units controlled by Tehran. (AP) By B. A. Arman October 4, 2018 Saeed is the pseudonym of a 22-year-old Afghan who has been fighting in Syria for the last four years. He serves in the Armored Unit of the Liwa Fatemiyoun Unit, which was set [...]

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Iran fools Afghan recruits into fighting in Syria

As many as 10,000 Afghan fighters may have been recruited by Iran's Revolutionary Guards. (SMO) September 27, 2018 Reza, a 21-year-old Afghan man, has served under the yellow flag of the Fatemiyoun Brigade in Syria. Iran’s Quds Corps, the Revolutionary Guards unit that carries out operations outside Iran, runs the Liwa Fatemiyoun, and [...]

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Baghdadi reportedly reached Afghanistan via Iran

Afghan National Army (ANA) keep watch at a check post in Chaparhar district of Nangarhar province, Afghanistan May 24, 2017. (REUTERS) September 22, 2018 The leader of ISIS terrorist group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has reached eastern Afghanistan via Iran, Pakistani security and other extremist group sources said. Baghdadi arrived in Nangarhar Province after [...]

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For ‘Greater Iran’, Afghan, Pakistani fighters give their lives in Syria

Afghans fighting in Syria are probably one of the militant units controlled by Tehran. (AP) By Ali Hajizade September 21, 2018 As is known, the Iranian regime widely uses people from the Shiite communities of the neighboring countries in the Syrian war; mainly Iraq, Afghanistan, and Shiites from Pakistan to a lesser degree. This [...]

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Trump’s Iran sanctions trigger a booming cash smuggling business

People gather at the money exchange market in Kabul. (Bloomberg) September 15, 2018 For traders in Afghanistan’s main currency exchange, U.S. sanctions against Tehran have created the ultimate arbitrage play -- one that involves frequent trips to neighboring Iran with smuggled cash. At the bustling, three-story Sarai Shahzada market in Kabul, one trader [...]

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The love story of a Shia Afghan fighter and his Iranian bride

Mohammad Naqi went to register himself in Mashhad at a recruitment center for Afghan refugees to join Afghan paramilitary forces in Syria. (IranWire) By Seerat Shayagan September 3, 2018 A man walks down the side of Asmayee Mountain in Kabul, humming and dancing, his index finger occasionally lifted in the air and his head [...]

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