Returning from Syria, Iranian-backed Afghan fighters could pose threat

Afghan fighters with the Fatimiyoun Brigade in Syria. (AP) April 10, 2019 With Syria's eight-year war waning, many foreign fighters who have fought in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad are returning to their home countries. Some of those fighters are Iranian-backed Afghan refugees. Since 2011, Iran has sent thousands of undocumented Shi'ite [...]

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Are Iran supported Afghan fighters returning to Afghanistan?

Iran -- A funeral for Afghan soldiers who were organized by Iran to fights in Syria and have been killed inside Syria, on May 05, 2015. (Tasnim) April 4, 2019 The Ministry of Defense in Kabul has denied reports that the members of Iran-supported Liwa Fatemiyoun have returned to Afghanistan. Liwa Fatemiyoun, also [...]

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Cold homecoming for Afghans paid by Iran to fight in Syria

Afghans return to Afghanistan at the Islam Qala border with Iran, in the western Herat Province, Feb. 20, 2019. (AP) April 1, 2019 Too poor to even buy pens and notebooks for school, Mehdi left his home in Afghanistan soon after his 17th birthday and headed to Iran, hoping to make his way [...]

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Khamenei praises Afghans recruited by IRGC and killed in Syria war

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards have sent young Afghans to fight in Syria. (Supplied) March 30, 2019 Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has met on Friday March 29 with family members of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps IRGC's Afghan recruits who have been killed in Syria. During seven years of military intervention in [...]

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Iran looks to remote port to beat US sanctions

Slipping popularity. Iranian President Hassan Rohani poses at the inauguration a newly built extension of the Chabahar port, which was constructed by an IRGC -affiliated company, last December. (AP) March 27, 2019 With the web of US sanctions tightening, Iran faces a host of challenges as it looks to an isolated port in [...]

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Iran violates the rights of Afghans by sending them to war

The Revolutionary Guards have sent not only young Afghans to fight in Syria, but also a number of Afghan children. (Supplied) By Maryam Mousavi March 21, 2019 The Afghan government is usually cautious when it comes to criticizing its neighbor Iran. But last year, Afghan government officials were as direct as they could be [...]

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Iran and the future of the Afghanistan peace process

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, second left, walks with Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani, left, during his official welcoming ceremony in Tehran, Iran, April 19, 2015. (AP) March 20, 2019 US officials are currently engaged in peace talks aimed at reaching a political settlement with the Taliban, driven by a desire for peace and security [...]

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Could the Iranian port of Chabahar be a bridge between Kabul and New Delhi?

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani during the inauguration of an extension of the port of Chabahar on the Gulf of Oman on Dec. 3, 2017. (AP) March 11, 2019 Last month, Afghanistan took a detour to ship goods to India. Instead of using a land route via Pakistan, the inaugural convoy of 23 trucks [...]

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Chabahar Port deal threatens to capsize Iran sanctions

Indian PM Modi and Iranian president Rouhani signed a historic deal with Iran to develop the Chabahar port. (AFP) By Varsha Koduvayur and Andrew Gabel March 9, 2019 Afghanistan sent India its first exports last week through southeastern Iran’s Chabahar port, which the Trump administration has exempted from U.S. sanctions in order to facilitate Afghan reconstruction efforts. [...]

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Senior Iranian official: foreign Shiite militias to fight in Iran if Islamic Republic in danger

The head of the Tehran Islamic Revolution Courts Hojjat ol-Eslam Musa Qazanfar-Abadi. (Supplied) By Amir Toumaj March 9, 2019 On March 6, Hojjat ol-Eslam Musa Qazanfar-Abadi, the head of the Tehran Islamic Revolution Courts, said the Islamic Republic would deploy non-Iranian Shiite militias in Iran if the system faces danger of downfall. “If we do not [...]

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