Decoding Iran’s politics: History of the ban on women attending football matches

Iranian women make their way in a sidewalk while wearing the “chador,” in downtown Tehran on Aug. 24, 2017. (AP) By H Rastgoo October 19, 2019 On October 10, about 4,000 Iranian women were allowed into a stadium to watch a men’s football match — a World Cup qualifier at Azadi Stadium in Tehran [...]

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Iranian political figures, celebrities in jail for corruption charges

Hossein Hedayati an Iranian billionaire sponsor of football in court for corruption, , March 04, 2019. (Supplied) October 18, 2019 Hossein Fereidoun, the younger brother and confidant of President Hassan Rouhani was jailed on Wednesday October 16 after the Court of Appeal in Tehran sentenced him to five years in jail on the first of [...]

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Voter disillusionment and domination by hardliners mar Iran’s next elections

Iranian supreme leader, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei casts his ballot during parliamentary and Experts Assembly elections in Tehran, Iran Friday, Feb. 26, 2016. (AP) October 18, 2019 President Hassan Rouhani has called on Iranian university students to lend their energy and rigor to the campaigns ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections in Iran. [...]

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Rouhani’s six years as president prove he is far from moderate

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. (Reuters) By Majid Rafizadeh October 18, 2019 Hassan Rouhani has been president of Iran for more than six years. The Islamic Republic introduced him as a moderate clergyman and politician, and some Western media outlets, scholars and politicians bought the idea that Rouhani and his technocrat team were indeed opposed [...]

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Iranian President calls for referendum to ‘clarify political track’

President Hassan Rouhani arrives at the Iranian Parliament in the capital Tehran, on August 28, 2018. (AFP) October 18, 2019 Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday called for a referendum to clarify his country’s political course amid mounting calls for change. "If we fail to find solutions to the issues we have been [...]

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University students protest in Tehran after 200 fall victim to food poisoning

Iranian students of Azad University protest, December 30, 2018. (Supplied) October 17, 2019 More than 200 students at the University of Science and Technology in Tehran have been taken to the hospital for food poisoning at the university's canteen since Tuesday October 15, Iranian media reported. The students have staged a sit-in in [...]

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The man behind corruption and embezzlement in Iranian sports

Mohammad Reza Davarzani enjoys full immunity and has extended his authority by removing and appointing heads of sports federations to help implement his policies and serve his own financial interests. (Supplied) October 17, 2019 A minister with links to corruption scandals and financial misdealings is set to become one of Iran’s most influential sporting [...]

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Ghost Towers: The view from Iran’s housing crisis

In Pardis, a satellite city northeast of Tehran, nearly half the buildings remain unfinished. (Supplied) By Robin Wright October 17, 2019 After the Iranian Revolution, in 1979, the theocracy called on women to breed a new Islamic generation. It lowered the marriage age to nine for girls and fourteen for boys; it legalized [...]

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Why no one takes Ayatollah Khamenei’s “nuclear fatwa” seriously

Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, meets Iranian researchers on Sunday June 10, 2018. (IRNA) By Faramarz Davar October 17, 2019 Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has reminded the public about the Supreme Leader’s fatwa on nuclear weapons, but this does not mean that Iran cannot or will not develop them. In a tweet on October [...]

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Tehran university student launches campus sit-in against being blacklisted for activism

University of Tehran student activist Saha Mortezaei’s sign reads, “I have been blacklisted by the university’s security office and the Intelligence Ministry.” (CHRI) October 17, 2019 University of Tehran student activist Saha Mortezaei began a sit-in at her campus library on October 11, 2019, to protest being denied university enrollment for allegedly engaging in political activism. [...]

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