A Dutch woman’s frightening ordeal at an Iranian stadium

For the first half of the match, Madelon Bosman watched the game from the VIP box at Tehran’s Dastgerdi Stadium, but she was forced to watch the second half from a building overlooking the field. (IranWire) September 21, 2019 The girlfriend of a Dutch footballer who plays for Iranian team Gol Gohar Sirjan [...]

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U.N. report notes harassment of BBC Persian journalists by Iran

A BBC Persian service presenter gets ready to present the news at the corporation’s headquarters in London. (AP) September 21, 2019 One-quarter of U.N. member states have carried out suspected reprisals against activists who cooperate with the world body on human rights issues, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Thursday. China, Egypt, Iran, [...]

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Facts about Iran that most people don’t know

The use of the drug is so widespread that Iran has one of the highest opiate addiction rates worldwide. (Supplied) September 20, 2019 Like any country on the map, Iran has its customs, culture and common practices, but there are some facts that we don’t all know about and perhaps we should. This [...]

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FIFA tells Iran it is time to allow women into stadiums

Iranian women cheer their World Cup soccer team at Tehran's Azadi stadium on June 2018. (AFP) September 19, 2019 FIFA president Gianni Infantino has told Iran it is time to allow women into football stadiums and the global soccer body expects “positive developments” starting with their next home match in October. While foreign [...]

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Iran’s female fans find soccer buzz in cafes and malls

Supporters hold a banner calling for Iranian women to be allowed to enter football stadiums, during a match between Sweden and Iran in Solna near Stockholm on March 31, 2015. (AFP) September 19, 2019 On match days Iran’s young female soccer fans cram Tehran’s shopping centers and cafes, their faces painted with the [...]

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Iran’s security forces attack employees of HEPCO protest

Workers in Iran are regularly threatened, detained, tortured and even sentenced to flogging for participating in peaceful protests demanding their legitimate rights. (IHRM) September 18, 2019 A peaceful gathering of HEPCO workers was violently repressed Monday, September 16, after the state security forces attacked the protesters. Reports indicate that 15 workers were injured [...]

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Banker in Iran charged with purchasing ships with embezzled funds

Iran's revolutionary court room, undated. (Mizan) September 18, 2019 Some of the suspects in a major financial corruption case in two Iranian banks bought two ships for themselves using embezzled money, an official at Tehran Prosecutor's Office has announced. The mishandling of funds at Iranian banks Mellat and Parsyan was revealed in a [...]

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The number of female dissident prisoners in Iran increasing

Iranian human rights activist Narges Mohammadi. (Supplied) September 17, 2019 The number of women imprisoned in Iran is swiftly increasing since the appointment of the Islamic Republic's new Judiciary head, says a renowned human rights activist currently behind bars in Iran. In a note published by the pro-Iranian Green Movement website, Kalrmeh, on [...]

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Iran lawmaker says inflation has hurt hijab

Young Iranian women sitting on the steps outside a shopping mall in northern Tehran. (AP) September 17, 2019 A lawmaker in Iran has warned that "unveiling" or taking off hijab among Iranian women has gained momentum. Ahmad Amirabadi Farahani has argued, that prices of black body cover called Chador has skyrocketed and what [...]

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Oppression of women extends into Iran football stadiums

A select group of women watched the friendly with Bolivia in Azadi Stadium in Tehran on October 16, 2018. (ISNA) September 16, 2019 Self-immolation is a recurrent manifestation of despair in the North Africa and Middle East region. It often has to do with unemployment and lack of opportunity. Recently, another tragedy occurred [...]

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