Iran: Torture and corporal punishment mandated by law

Protesters stag a mock imprisonment similar to one in Iran during a demonstration outside Downing Street, London, Saturday 21, 2018. (Express) September 16, 2019 Torture and corporal punishment are common practices in Iran’s prisons and also mandated by law. The regime denies use of torture in Iranian prisons despite thousands of reports since [...]

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Millions of ‘unidentified account holders’ in Iranian banks

Depositors protest for their lost investments in Samen al-Hojaj financial institution, July 2018. (RF) By Kambiz Ghafouri September 16, 2019 Iran suffers from deep-rooted problems in its banking, including a phenomenon called “unidentified account holders" in Iranian banks. According to the Iranian semi-official Mehr News Agency, there are an estimated one million accounts with unknown holders [...]

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Iran’s growing education problems

Iranian pupils study in a classroom at the Be'sat school in Kerman, Iran, October 23, 2016. (REUTERS) By Pooya Stone September 16, 2019 UNESCO says that every child aged 6-18 years old should regularly an educational institution, but a rising number of young people in Iran are being prevented from doing so. The Statistical [...]

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Iran’s suicide rate on the rise as more people slump into poverty

Iran’s suicide rate had slowly increased since 2015. (IranWire) September 16, 2019 According to an Iranian official in charge of the suicide prevention program at the Ministry of Health, Iran’s suicide rate has increased with around 100,000 cases during the last Persian year (March 21, 2018 to March 21, 2019). Maryam Abbasinejad, who [...]

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Iran’s ‘boiling society’ ready to explode like a volcano against regime

An Iranian riot-police officer sprays teargas at a protester in Tehran. (AFP) By Alessandra Scotto di Santolo September 14, 2019 Speaking to, the member of the National Council of Resistance of Iran warned Iranian people have been forced to sell their kidneys and other body organs to survive whilst Iran's "dictatorial" regime tries to [...]

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UN Human Rights Council urged to investigate Iran’s 1988 massacre

Photos of some of the victims of Iran's mass executions on 1988. (Amnesty) September 14, 2019 Human rights advocates have addressed a 'clustered interactive dialogue' at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on Wednesday about the 1988 massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in Iran, in which they addressed that the massacre constitutes an ongoing crime against [...]

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Children of Iran’s “unofficial” religious minorities ordered to keep quiet

Young schoolboys in Iran. Undated. (ISNA) By Maryam Dehkordi September 14, 2019 Iran’s new education minister has used the launch of a new country-wide project as an opportunity to strike out against Iran’s religious minorities, potentially giving schools greater freedom to discriminate against non-Shia Muslim students. “If students say that they follow a faith [...]

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Iran resorts to ‘maximum repression’ in fighting perceived domestic threats

Iranian satirist and cultural activist Kioomars Marzban. (Social Media) By Golnaz Esfandiari September 14, 2019 Political satirist Kiumars Marzban could spend more than a decade in an Iranian prison just for doing his job. Marzban is among the recent victims of an intensified state crackdown in Iran that has resulted in unusually harsh prison [...]

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Iran ranks near bottom of world economic freedom index

low-income Iranians line up to receive food supplies in southern Tehran, 03 Feb, 2014. (AFP) September 14, 2019 Iran ranks 143rd in the world economic freedom index says the latest report published by the Canadian Fraser Institute on Thursday, September 12. The annual report measures the economic situation in 162 countries and territories [...]

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Iran sentences 86 people to lashes for protesting water transfer project

Angry farmers from the agricultural areas east of the provincial capital protesting in March and demanding an end to water diversion to Yazd. (Fars) September 13, 2019 The Iranian regime sentenced 86 people to a total of 2,580 lashes and 344 months of prison for protesting water diversion to an IRGC linked steel [...]

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