Khamenei appoints two new deputy commanders for IRGC

Top IRGC commanders Ali Fadavi, (L) Mohammadreza Naghdi (R). (Supplied) May 17, 2019 Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has appointed General Ali Fadavi as the deputy to the commander-in-chief of the Islamic Revolution Guards corps (IRGC), Tasnim news agency reported on Thursday May 16. Meanwhile, he has also appointed General Mohammad Reza [...]

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Hardliners target Iran’s president as U.S. pressure grows

President Hassan Rouhani arrives at the Iranian Parliament in the capital Tehran, on August 28, 2018. (AFP) May 17, 2019 Growing U.S. pressure on Iran has weakened pragmatic President Hassan Rouhani and made his hardline rivals more assertive at home and abroad, recent developments show. When he succeeded firebrand leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in [...]

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Three prominent writers in Iran sentenced to 18 years

Iranian writers, (L-R) Reza Khandan, Baktash Abtin, and Kayvan Bazhan. (Social Media) May 16, 2019 In a statement issued on Thursday 16 May, Iran's Writers' Association (IWA), a civil society union, has protested for three Iranian writers receiving a total of 18 years in prison. IWA condemned the verdict as one "against all [...]

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This year 57 million Iranians will be living below the poverty line

Iranian people will find it even more difficult to pay for basic necessities and that increasing unemployment is bound to make things even worse. (IranWire) May 16, 2019 Recent figures published by the Iranian Parliament Research Center reveal that over the next 12 months, between 23 and 40 percent of Iran's population will be [...]

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Prominent political prisoner in Iran finally taken to hospital for surgery

Iranian human rights activist Narges Mohammadi. (Supplied) May 15, 2019 A prominent Iranian physicist and human rights activists, Nargess Mohammadi, who is a political prisoner, has been taken from prison to hospital to undergo surgery. Ms. Mohammadi's husband, Taqi Rahmani twitted on Tuesday, May 14, "Lung specialists and gynecologists had suggested a year [...]

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Iran halts some commitments under nuclear deal

The Iranian official said Iran has no limit from now for production of enriched uranium and heavy water. (Supplied) May 15, 2019 Iran has officially stopped some commitments under a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers following an order from its national security council, an informed official in the country’s atomic energy body [...]

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No more women on bicycles in Isfahan, orders prosecutor

Iranian women are posting photos of themselves riding bicycles. (CBS) May 15, 2019 The prosecutor of Isfahan in Iran has banned women's cycling in public by pronouncing it "a prohibited act" which will entail punishment based on the "Islamic Penal Code." The Iranian official news agency IRNA quoted Prosecutor Ali Esfahani as having [...]

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U.S. sanctions leave Iran’s papers short of ink

A pedestrian pauses to read the newspaper headlines outside a kiosk in Tehran, Iran, on May 9, 2018. (Bloomberg) By Golnar Motevalli May 15, 2019 A lack of headlines is making headlines in Iran. The economic hardship triggered by a year of U.S. sanctions has extended to the Islamic Republic’s newspapers, which are [...]

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Seven Baha’i faith members sentenced to three years imprisonment in Bushehr

From left to right: Minoo Riyazati, Emad Jaberi, Farideh Jaberi, Asadollah Jaberi, Ehteram Sheikhi. (CHRI) May 14, 2019 A revolutionary court in the city of Bushehr in southern Iran sentenced seven members of the Baha’i faith to three years in prison each for allegedly answering questions about their religious beliefs to Muslim guests [...]

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Iran minister’s remark about sending children to war leads to outcry

According to Human Rights Watch, the Islamic Republic sends child soldiers from Iran and Afghanistan to fight in Syria. (Supplied) May 14, 2019 Recent remarks by Iran’s education minister about 14 million schoolchildren being ready to go to war, has led to public outcry and condemnations among Iranians. Iranian officials have been making [...]

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