Iran halts gas exports to Iraq for pipeline repairs

Employees walk past flames rising from the burning of excess natural gas at the Bin Omar natural gas station, Basra Iraq, on January 12, 2017. (AFP) November 29, 2018 Gas exports from Iran to Iraq were halted late on Tuesday for several days, as Iranian authorities work to repair damages caused to the [...]

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Iran’s dangerous influence in Iraq a cause for region-wide concern

Hadi Al-Ameri (center) the head of the pro-Iranian Badr Organization walks with Shi’ite fighters south of Mosul, on Wednesday. (REUTERS) By Sir John Jenkins November 29, 2018 What times we live in. Sometimes it seems as if everything we used to believe about the Middle East and North Africa — indeed about the world [...]

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Iran-backed Iraqi militia leader urges formal security role on border with Syria

Qais al-Khazali (Left), Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq (A.A.H.) commander sitting next to Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander Qassem Soleimani. (INU) November 27, 2018 The head of a powerful Iraqi militia wants a formal role for paramilitaries in securing the border with Syria, a move that could deepen US worries about Iran’s growing sway over a [...]

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Iraq’s water crisis: How far is Iran responsible?

Iran has built three large dams on the Karkh and Karoon rivers that used to flow out of Iran into Iraq, but which have now disappeared. (Supplied) By Track Persia November 26, 2018 The ongoing cut of water supplies from Iran to Iraqi territory has exacerbated the problems facing the population of Iraq’s [...]

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Iraq denies mediating between Saudi Arabia and Iran

Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud received the Iraqi president during a visit to the kingdom on Sunday. (AFP) November 19, 2018 The Iraqi presidency denied on Monday reports claiming that Iraq is playing the role of 'mediator' between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The presidency published on its website a “denial and [...]

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Khamenei calls on Iraq’s President to keep Tehran-backed militia

Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei met Iraq's president Baham Salih, November 17, 2018. (IRIB) November 19, 2018 In a meeting with Iraq's President Barham Salih on Saturday November 17 in Tehran, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has called on Baghdad to keep a militia group the United States wants to be disbanded. [...]

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NATO launches new training mission in Iraq as concerns over Iran rise

Iraqi policemen demonstrate combat techniques during a training session in Baghdad, Iraq. (AP) November 17, 2018 A new NATO training mission to Iraq will have to deal with a complex political environment in which Iran is growing in influence. The NATO Mission Iraq (NMI) was formally announced by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau [...]

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Turkey eyes Iran share in Iraqi markets after US sanctions hit

A shop worker arranges the cans of Iranian tomato paste at a super market in the city of Najaf, Iraq October 7, 2018. (REUTERS) November 16, 2018 With US re-imposed sanctions against Iran scaling back Iranian economic activity in the region, Turkey is looking to fill the void in commodity exports left behind [...]

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Iran, feeling sanctions bite, looks for outlet in Iraq

Nov. 10, 2018 photo, visitors tour the Iranian wing of the Baghdad International Fair, in Baghdad, Iraq. (AP) November 15, 2018 At this year’s Baghdad International Fair, Iranian businessmen displayed thick, colorful Persian rugs to impressed onlookers while others showcased the latest in Iranian manufacturing in power generators and industrial tools. For Iranian [...]

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Iraq to exchange food for Iranian gas, seeks US approval

An Iraqi worker unloads a truck from Iran, loaded with cosmetics, in Baghdad, Iraq August 17, 2018. (REUTERS) November 14, 2018 Iraq has agreed with Iran to exchange Iraqi food items for Iranian gas and energy supplies, two Iraqi government officials said on Wednesday. Baghdad is now seeking U.S. approval to allow it [...]

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