Jordan won’t name an ambassador to Iran

“There is no intention to name another Jordanian envoy in Tehran at the time,” the source told Al (Al Arabiya) June 17, 2018 A high-ranking Jordanian source told Al Arabiya English on Friday that Jordan transferred its ambassador Abdullah Abu Rumman from Iran to the Jordanian Foreign Ministry headquarters in Amman based [...]

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Israel and Jordan intensify cooperation as Iran tightens grip on southern Syria

June 21, 2017 Israel and Jordan have intensified diplomatic relations over the last weeks as a response to the changing situation on the ground in Syria and Iraq, Haaretz reported Wednesday. The two countries have noted with growing concern the renewed strength of the Assad regime in southern Syria, particularly in regards to the role played [...]

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Diplomatic unease casts shadow on Jordan-Iran ties

A 2014 file picture shows Jordan’s King Abdullah II (R) walking with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Amman. (Reuters) Apr 24, 2017 Diplomatic relations be­tween Jordan and Iran are going through a pe­riod of unease following the trading of insults be­tween Amman and Tehran. The Jordanian Foreign Ministry said it summoned [...]

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Jordan summons Iran envoy over comments on king

Jordan's King Abdullah speaks at the Munich Security Conference in Munich, Germany, Feb 12, 2016. (REUTERS) Apr 11, 2017 Jordan summoned Iran's ambassador to Amman at the weekend, the foreign ministry said, after an Iranian official slammed comments by King Abdullah in an American newspaper as "silly and careless". King Abdullah told the [...]

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Jordan: Film festival shines light on Iranian society

Feb 21, 2017 Iranian Film Days began in Amman on Sunday, with a number of film screenings which aim to provide an insight into the country’s social life and issues, a Royal Film Commission (RFC) official said.  It is the fourth time the festival has been held in the capital and it will run for [...]

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Jordan-Iran relations: History and future

January 7, 2017 This study examines the evolution of the Jordanian-Iranian relations since 1949. It focuses on the most important stages and how regional developments and internal security in both Jordan and Iran have considerably influenced relations between the two countries. During the monarch era from 1949-1979 Jordan-Iran relations were characterized by cooperation and understanding, [...]

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Israel and Iran work together on major scientific project in Jordan

Israeli, Iranian and Pakistani scientists are working side-by side on a major scientific project in Jordan. September 17, 2016 As some Iranian scientists worked on nuclear projects in recent years, others were given a more surprising job - co-operating with Israeli counterparts. Physicists from the two countries have been working together to set [...]

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Iranian hacker vandalizes Jordanian Government website

June 24, 2016 An Iranian hacker calling himself “Master Joint” was able to penetrate the official Government websitefor the Jordanian Department of Income and Sales Tax on Tuesday evening, vandalizing the front page of the website with a provocative message that read “[expletive] all Arabs and You!” and “I love Iran”. The director of the [...]

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Iranian ambassador to Jordan Mojtaba Ferdosipour: We will never recognize Israel and our support to Palestinians is unlimited

June 12, 2016 Iranian ambassador to Jordan, Mojtaba Ferdosipour, expressed hope to enhance bilateral relations in political, economic, social and tourism domains, emphasizing his country’s support to Jordan in all fields, particularly energy and increasing Iranian's investments in Jordan. Ferdosipour, made his remarks during his visit to Alanbat Newspaper, where he met with its editor [...]

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Jordan: Majority of Parliament Calls To Guarantee Camp Liberty Residents’ Security

June 7, 2016 This week mainstream Arab media reported widely a statement by a majority of Jordanian parliamentarians, calling for the safety and security of “Camp Liberty” residents in Iraq. Almost 2,000 members of the Peoples’ Mojahedin Organization of Iran, the main opposition to the mullahs in Iran, are now residing at Camp Liberty, a [...]

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