Nigeria: How Zakzaky grew from student activist to a leader of the Shi’ite IMN

Protesters in Abuja hold banners showing the picture of Shaikh Zakzaky on February 14, 2017. (IMN website) Track Persia - Feb 19, 2017 Supporters of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria IMN have been holding protests across major cities to call for the release of their leader Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. "We are deeply worried [...]

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Global Terror: At America’s doorsteps

Hezbollah, the most powerful force in Lebanon, backed the election of Michel Aoun as president. Aoun assumed the office after it lay vacant for more two years. (Photo: © MARWAN TAHTAH/AFP/Getty Images) December 26, 2016 Where do terrorists get their money? Although we think of Islamic State as the richest terror group in [...]

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MTN plans expansion in Iran in spite of big risks

November 29, 2016 MTN Group, Africa’s biggest mobile phone company, is planning to expand in Iran, from where it has only just managed to begin repatriating profits. The move is part of MTN’s 10-year plan to cement its leading position in risky but lucrative frontier markets in the Middle East and Africa, where it aggressively [...]

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A scaring situation as Hezbollah, al Qaida Lebanese connection roams West Africa and Latin America with billions

November 9, 2016 What seems to be a scaring situation is slowly crawling on the West Coast of Africa, with classified information that billions of United Dollars are being circulated by al Qaida and Hezbollah operatives with the intent to win support among leaders of some West African States. A report featured by the Pulitzer [...]

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Cyprus: Protests call for stopping Nigerian students from travelling to Iran to be radicalised

The Islamic Movement in under the Leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky marking the matrydom of Imam Ali on July 27th 2013.  October 25, 2016 Africans studying various higher institutions in Cyprus under the banner of African Students in Cyprus have called on the Nigerian government to stop Nigerian youths traveling to the republic [...]

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Nigerian Shiite IMN might be affiliated to ISIS, Hezbollah

Sheikh Zakzaky, leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria October 16, 2016 CESJET in a statement issued by its director, Joyce Adamu on Wednesday, 12, 2016 alleged that the IMN might be affiliated with terrorist groups such as ISIS and Hezbollah. The group advised all state governments to immediately place a ban on [...]

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Nigerian state bans pro-Iran Shiite group

Leader of Nigeria Islamic Movement Sheikh Zakzaky October 8, 2016 A Nigerian state where clashes between the military and Shiite Muslims led to over 300 deaths last year has banned the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), saying it was a security threat. Two days of violence began on December 12, when supporters of [...]

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How Iran betrayed our diplomatic confidence

Presidents Muhammadu Buhari and Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s president. By Gabriel Onoja October 7, 2016 The economic recession is keeping Nigerians busy as focus shifts to daily survival to the extent that we carry on, unaware of threat greater than hunger and deprivation. The Islamic Republic of Iran! There it is. The threat greater than [...]

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Bill and Hilary Clinton pal finances Hezbollah terrorists

September 3, 2016 Although the big story on Monday morning was the allegation of continued Internet shenanigans by the disgraced New York City Democrat Andrew Weiner, the personal thorn in the side of his wife, Hillary Clinton-confidante Huma Abedin, reporters appear more fixated on the sexual proclivities of a has-been congressman than on the alleged [...]

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Nigerian Clinton foundation donor investigated for Hezbollah ties

Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton, February 19, 2016 in Las Vegas, NV. (Joseph Sohm / August 31, 2016 Nigerian billionaire philanthropist Gilbert Chagoury, who has been a major donor of the Clinton Foundation, was denied entry to the U.S. last year due to suspected [...]

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