Iran pushes to influence Syria’s new generation through ‘educational invasion’

The Assad-backed news agency SANA did not elaborate on the agreement between Bashar al-Assad and Tehran to open more Iranian universities in Syria. (Supplied) November 17, 2018 Tehran announced on Wednesday that it will open a new university in Syria, the Iran-based Tarbiat Modares University, as an addition to the several branches of [...]

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Car plant shows limits to Iran’s economic ambitions in Syria

A line of Peugeot cars rolls out at the state-run Iran Khodro automobile manufacturing plant, just outside Tehran, Iran, Sept. 9, 2018. (AP) November 16, 2018 At an Iranian government-owned car plant near Homs, the small number of vehicles on the assembly line underscores the obstacles hobbling Tehran’s economic ambitions in Syria. The plant [...]

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US envoy: Fight against ISIS in Syria may end soon, Iran still a threat

Jeffrey said that Iran's continued military presence would represent a threat to US partners in the region. (AP) November 16, 2018 The Trump administration hopes that the US-backed fight against ISIS in its last foothold in northeastern Syria will end within months but American forces will remain to ensure the “enduring defeat” of [...]

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US report: Iran provoking and threatening the US in Syria and Iraq

U.S. forces set up a new base in Manbij, Syria May 8, 2018. Picture Taken May 8, 2018. (REUTERS) By Seth J. Frantzman November 8, 2018 Iranian forces in Syria may present a threat to the US and in Iraq the Iranian threat is increasing, according to a new report from the US Department [...]

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Iran’s underground efforts in Syria’s south hope to reestablish foothold

Residents inspect damage from what activists said were barrel bombs dropped by forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar Al-Assad in Tafas town in Daraa, Syria, July 2, 2015. (REUTERS) November 8, 2018 A delegation of senior Tehran representatives close to the Iranian Supreme Leader visited Syria’s southwestern province, Daraa. Their trip was carried [...]

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Why is Tehran recruiting Daesh militants?

An ISIS militant waves the group’s flag in Raqqa, Syria, in June 2014. (Reuters) By Baria Alamuddin November 5, 2018 I am constantly astounded at how otherwise-sensible journalists and diplomats are willing to believe Iranian and Russian professions of good faith, despite all evidence to the contrary. Earlier this year, many credulous figures pronounced [...]

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Israel struck Iranian targets after Russia plane downing

An Israeli Air Force Boeing 707 demonstrates refueling of an F15 fighter jet during a graduation ceremony for new pilots in the Hatzerim air force base, Israel, Thursday, Dec. 25, 2014. (AP) October 31, 2018 Israel has attacked targets in Syria since the downing of a Russian intelligence plane in September, a high-ranking Israeli [...]

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IRGC recruits desperate Afghans to fight and die in Syria

Iran -- A funeral for Afghan soldiers who were organized by Iran to fights in Syria and have been killed inside Syria, on May 05, 2015. (Tasnim) October 29, 2018 The Iranian government continues stands accused of sending members of its Afghan minority to Syria as part of the country’s military operations. As [...]

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Guterres condemns Hezbollah’s continued involvement in Syria, Yemen

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres. (Reuters) October 26, 2018 In a recent report on the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1559, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed “deep concern” that Hezbollah militias still retain significant military capabilities beyond the control of the state and called on the Lebanese government to take all [...]

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Iran’s insidious infiltration of Syria will be impossible for the US to disentangle

Iran’s IRGC fires missiles from the western province of Kermanshah, Oct. 1, 2018. It said the targets were militants in the eastern Syrian town of Albu Kamal. (IRIB) By Faisal Al Yafai October 25, 2018 As the Syrian uprising evolved into full-blown warfare, and as it now winds its way towards an apparently inevitable denouement, [...]

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