Pro-government Yemeni forces destroy six Iran-made drones in 10 days

Yemen soldiers fire back at Houthi targets in Sana'a. (Supplied) January 15, 2019 As battles intensify on both north and south Yemeni fronts, namely in Saada and Taiz, the Yemeni army air forces said it managed to successfully down another Iran-made drone operated by Houthis. The Yemeni army’s official website published a statement [...]

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Yemen government denounces Iran’s disobeying of UN resolutions

Picture of the Houthi attack on al-Anad Air base in Lahij governorate. (Supplied) January 11, 2019 The Yemeni Council of Ministers denounced Iran’s disobeying of UN resolutions on Thursday, saying that “it won’t stop until it is  strongly deterred by the International Community.” The Yemeni legitimate government said that Houthi militias are challenging [...]

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Yemeni army forces take down Iran-built Houthi military aircraft

Debris of Iranian-made Ababil drones displayed Abu Dhabi, which the Emirati armed forces say were used by Houthi rebels in Yemen in battles against the Arab coalition forces, June 19, 2018. (AFP) January 8, 2018 Yemen’s army shot down a Houthi military aircraft west of Al-Jouf province on Tuesday, Saudi state news channel [...]

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Yemen President orders fortification of battlefronts to confront Iranian agenda

Houthi fighters riding on back of trucks in Yemen. (Reuters) January 7, 2019 Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi ordered on Sunday the fortification of battlefronts to achieve victories and defeat the Iran-backed Houthi agenda, reported the Saudi Press Agency. He made his remarks during a meeting with Minister of Defense General Lieutenant Mohammad [...]

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In Yemen, Iran-aligned rebels tighten their grip through fear and intimidation

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, head of the Houthi's Supreme Revolutionary Committee. (The Washington Post) By Sudarsan Raghavan January 3, 2019 When Mohammed Bamuftah arrived at the post office to pick up his salary one day in 2015, he said a rebel fighter stopped him to inspect his ID card. The 55-year-old lawyer was from [...]

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UN agency accuses Iran-backed Houthis of stealing food aid in Yemen

Yemeni present documents to receive food rations provided by a local charity in Sanaa. (AP) January 1, 2019 The UN's food agency has accused the Iran-backed Houthi militias in Yemen of stealing "from the mouths of hungry people" and diverting food deliveries. Monday's strongly worded statement came after the World Food Program said [...]

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Iran-backed Houthis begin withdrawal from Yemen’s Hodeidah port: UN

People walk past a ship docked at the Red Sea port of Hodeidah, Yemen. (Reuters) December 29, 2018 The Houthi militia have begun to withdraw from the port of Hodeidah, the country's key aid lifeline, under an agreement reached in Sweden earlier this month, a UN official said Saturday. The official, who requested anonymity, [...]

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US: Iran arms Houthis and complicates the Yemeni conflict

Rodney Hunter, expressed to the UN Security Council US regret that the new UN resolution on Yemen did not hold Iran accountable for its actions in the war-torn country. (AP) December 22, 2018 The political coordinator of the US mission to the UN, Rodney Hunter, expressed to the Security Council on Friday his [...]

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Yemeni army shoots down Iranian-made Houthi drone in Marib

Several drones have been shot down in recent weeks in different Yemeni fronts. (Supplied) December 19, 2018 The Yemeni army announced on Tuesday that a military drone belonging to the Houthi militias was shot down in the eastern province of Marib. The official website of the Yemeni army, that members of the 25th [...]

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UN Report: Iran-built weapons found in Yemen

Pieces of an Iranian Qiam Ballistic Missile are displayed after intending to prove Iran violated UNSCR 2231 by providing Houthis with arms. (AFP) December 12, 2018 Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres has claimed in a report that Iran-built weapons have been found in Yemen. According to AFP, Guterres's office reports that [...]

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