Baghdadi reportedly reached Afghanistan via Iran

Afghan National Army (ANA) keep watch at a check post in Chaparhar district of Nangarhar province, Afghanistan May 24, 2017. (REUTERS) September 22, 2018 The leader of ISIS terrorist group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has reached eastern Afghanistan via Iran, Pakistani security and other extremist group sources said. Baghdadi arrived in Nangarhar Province after [...]

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For ‘Greater Iran’, Afghan, Pakistani fighters give their lives in Syria

Afghans fighting in Syria are probably one of the militant units controlled by Tehran. (AP) By Ali Hajizade September 21, 2018 As is known, the Iranian regime widely uses people from the Shiite communities of the neighboring countries in the Syrian war; mainly Iraq, Afghanistan, and Shiites from Pakistan to a lesser degree. This [...]

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Trump’s Iran sanctions trigger a booming cash smuggling business

People gather at the money exchange market in Kabul. (Bloomberg) September 15, 2018 For traders in Afghanistan’s main currency exchange, U.S. sanctions against Tehran have created the ultimate arbitrage play -- one that involves frequent trips to neighboring Iran with smuggled cash. At the bustling, three-story Sarai Shahzada market in Kabul, one trader [...]

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The love story of a Shia Afghan fighter and his Iranian bride

Mohammad Naqi went to register himself in Mashhad at a recruitment center for Afghan refugees to join Afghan paramilitary forces in Syria. (IranWire) By Seerat Shayagan September 3, 2018 A man walks down the side of Asmayee Mountain in Kabul, humming and dancing, his index finger occasionally lifted in the air and his head [...]

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More Iranians ‘buying’ passports in other countries to evade US travel ban, sanctions

Iranians are getting passports from a number of nations, but Iran's influence with some elements of the Iraqi goverment is now so prominent the issuing of passportsthrough payoffs and corruption. (iStock) By Hollie McKay August 31, 2018 More Iranians are paying big money to buy passports in neighboring countries through bribery or fraudulent information, [...]

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Iran’s teenage Afghan fighters

Human Rights Watch has reported that the Islamic Republic of Iran deploys Afghan children to fight in Syria. (AP) By Seerat Shayagan August 27, 2018 Mohammad Javad is a commander in the Fatemiyoun Brigade, the unit of Afghan soliders fighting for Iran in Syria. His experience and military background in Afghanistan, in addition to his [...]

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Afghan Shias trapped in the Syrian war

The Fatemiyoun brigade operates under Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). (Supplied) By Seerat Shayagan August 25, 2018 Twenty-two-year-old Safar Ali had been missing for two months. There was no sign of him anywhere. He was no longer up to mischief while his mother urged him to propose to the girl in their neighborhood [...]

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The secret training camp for Iran’s Afghan soldiers

Hundreds of the Afghan newly-joined recruits to the Fatemiyoun Brigade are taken to the garrison in Yazd that belongs to the Quds Army – the branch of the IRGC, in charge of overseas military operations. (IranWire) By Seerat Shayagan August 23, 2018 Mohammadullah joined the Shiite paramilitary Fatemiyoun Brigade by accident. He was in [...]

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Cursed by the wages of Iran’s war in Syria

As many as 10,000 Afghan fighters may have been recruited by Iran's Revolutionary Guards. (SMO) By Seerat Shayagan August 21, 2018 When Mohammad Hashem returned to Kabul after a year of fighting in the Syrian war, his childhood friends couldn’t recognize him. He was suffering from muscular rheumatism, had lost several pounds, most of [...]

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American training at the service of Iran

Sayed Hashim's first mission during the first years of the Afghans’ engagement in the Syrian war was in 2013 and lasted six months. (IranWire) By Seerat Shayagan August 20, 2018 Sayed Hashem has had three years of experience serving in the Afghan National Army. He has been trained by the American forces at a [...]

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