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Iranian short film ‘Worth’ shot in Pakistan bags big wins

A still from the Iranian short film "Worth" that was shot in Pakistan. (Screen grab) November 25, 2019 In the opening sequence of Meelad Moaphie’s “Worth”, we are introduced to Darya, baby Ali and their father, Hamid, before the three set out for safer pastures against a backdrop recognizable by many in Pakistan, [...]

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What a new film gets right about the Iranian hostage crisis

An undamaged helicopter sits on the ground behind the charred remains of a second U.S. helicopter in the Iranian desert of Dasht-e-Kavir, on April 26, 1980. The site was where a U.S. effort to rescue hostages held in Tehran was abandoned. (AP) By Arash Azizi November 16, 2019 The specter of history looms [...]

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Shirin Neshat: a stare that challenges us to look away

Offered Eyes (1993) contains lines from the poet Forough Farrokhzad, who was candid about sexual desire. (Supplied) By Kelly Grovier November 13, 2019 Forget the Remington rifle that, propped upright in front of the veiled woman’s face, boldly splits her being in two. What really blows you away is the double-barrelled blast of [...]

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Iranian film artists protest censorship, lack of protection and suspicious money

Iranians arrive at the Mellat Cinema Complex in the capital Tehran during the 37th edition of the Fajr Film Festival, Feb. 3, 2019. (AFP) November 4, 2019 In one of the most explicit attacks on film censorship in Iran, more than 200 Iranian film industry activists have protested obstacles in their profession, including [...]

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A veteran filmmaker’s screening stopped after only three days

The film, produced in 2010, was finally re-released on October 23 — only to be pulled again days later. (Supplied) By Niloufar Rostami November 2, 2019 Iran’s media court has banned Paternal House, a movie by the veteran Iranian filmmaker Kianoush Ayari, after only five days of it being screened in cinemas — its second ban since [...]

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Iran’s new council for celebrities flexes its muscles

Iranian authorities have become increasingly obsessed with the way the country's actresses dress and conduct themselves. (Supplied) By Niloufar Rostami October 19, 2019 A celebrity has been summoned to appear before an “Islamic guidance” court after photographs of her wearing “unconventional attire” to a private screening went viral. State media criticized Iranian actress Matin [...]

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Iranian women artists showcased in upcoming exhibit curated by Shirin Neshat

Shirin Neshat is an Iranian-born artist, photographer and filmmaker who lives and works in New York. (Getty) October 15, 2019 The Center for Human Rights in Iran is honored to announce an upcoming exhibition of thirteen contemporary Iranian women artists in New York City, curated by the internationally acclaimed artist Shireen Neshat. The [...]

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Iran charges famous Kurdish singer with being gay, faces execution

Mohsen Lorestani, a Kurdish singer from Kermanshah, has been charged with ‘corruption on earth’ in a public complaint. (Twitter) October 9, 2019 Iran has alleged that a prominent singer is gay and under the Islamic Republic’s anti-homosexual laws he could face the death penalty. BBC journalist Ali Hamedani tweeted on Sunday that “A famous Iranian [...]

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A poetry reciter in Iran sentenced to prison for poem against injustice, corruption

Iranian poetry reciter and sonneteer Hossein Jannati reciting in the presence of Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on August 25, 2010. ( October 7, 2019 A poetry reciter in Iran has received a six-month prison sentence for reciting a poem, which mentioned corruption, discrimination abusing power and stealing public funds. Hossein Jannati, who [...]

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Multi award-winning filmmaker Harley Wallen’s Eternal Code starring noted Iranian-American actress Vida Ghaffari had a star studded west coast premiere

Vida Ghaffari with Iranian-Americans in attendance. (Supplied) September 16, 2019 Multi award-winning filmmaker and actor Harley Wallen's Eternal Code had a star studded premiere in the heart of Hollywood at the noted TCL Chinese Theatre on September 4th. This much anticipated action crime thriller stars Richard Tyson (Black Hawk Down), Scout Taylor-Compton (Rob [...]

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