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A new graphic novel – “A Little Prince in the Land of the Mullahs”

New graphic book is the story of Ahmad, an intrepid young Iranian, driven by the ideals of freedom, shared happiness and equality. (NCRI) December 26, 2018 The story of "A Little Prince in the Land of the Mullahs" is a graphic novel about the Iranian youth's fight for freedom. Published by "Société des [...]

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Kurdish film director dies in car crash 2 days after release from Iranian jail

Kurdish filmmaker Rahim Zabihi was considered one of the prominent Kurdish cinematique professionals, directing tens of short films and winning local and international awards. (Twitter) December 10, 2018 Kurdish film director Rahim Zabihi and his brother Kaywan died following a tragic car accident after their vehicle caught fire in the Nizro district in [...]

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Iran film for Oscars stirs debate on home front

"Damascus Time", a film about Iran's battle against jihadists in Syria, was not selected as the Iranian Oscar contestant. (AFP) September 20, 2018 The Iranian film for next year's Oscars has stirred controversy at home both over the choice of a downbeat movie and for taking part in the Hollywood spectacle at a [...]

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