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South Korea considers joining coalition to patrol waters off Iran

Trading dhows and ships are docked on the Gulf waters. (AP) July 13, 2019 The South Korean government is in discussions with the US over plans to join a multinational naval coalition to protect shipping in the Arabian Gulf in the face of alleged Iranian threats, Foreign Ministry officials revealed on Thursday. The [...]

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U.S. officials push for sanctions on China over oil purchases from Iran

An oil tanker carrying crude oil arriving in Zhoushan, China. (Getty) July 13, 2019 Senior administration officials now agree that China defied U.S. sanctions when it imported more than a million barrels of crude oil from Iran last month. But they are grappling with whether — and how — to hit back, according [...]

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US sanctions hit Iran’s trade with South Korea

A home appliances shop in Tehran, undated. (IRNA) July 10, 2019 The Iranian chairman of the joint chamber of commerce of Iran and South Korea says U.S. sanctions against Iran have adversely affected commercial relations with Korea. Hossein Tanhai told Fars news agency that talks with two major Korean home appliance manufacturers have [...]

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Iranians use Bitcoin to bypass sanctions and launder money

Cheap electricity has drawn Chinese businesses to Iran to mine Bitcoin. (Supplied) By Behnam Gholipour July 6, 2019 The fever for Bitcoin and other digital currencies in Iran has been rising steadily since April 2019. A variety of locations, including schools, mosques, homes, factories, private companies and even stables have been used as sites [...]

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US reacts cautiously to Iran delivering oil to China despite sanctions

A crude oil tanker sails through the Persian Gulf towards Kharq Island to transport crude oil to export markets in the Persian Gulf, Iran. (Bloomberg) July 4, 2019 The Trump administration has reacted cautiously to growing evidence of recent Iranian oil deliveries to China in potential violation of U.S. sanctions, renewing a U.S. [...]

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Iran state TV blasted over report on secret oil sales to China

An oil tanker is seen at a crude oil terminal in Ningbo Zhoushan port, Zhejiang province, China May 16, 2017. Picture taken May 16, 2017. (Reuters) July 4, 2019 Iranian officials slammed the country’s state television on Wednesday for airing a program on oil sales to China that contravene US sanctions, saying the [...]

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To evade sanctions on Iran, ships vanish in plain sight

An oil tanker carrying crude oil arriving in Zhoushan, China. (Getty) By Michael Forsythe and Ronen Bergman July 3, 2019 A week ago, a small tanker ship approached the Persian Gulf after a 19-day voyage from China. The captain, as required by international rules, reported the ship’s position, course, speed and another key detail: [...]

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Iran using Malaysia to sidestep U.S. sanctions on oil exports

An oil tanker is seen at a crude oil terminal in Ningbo Zhoushan port, Zhejiang province, China May 16, 2017. Picture taken May 16, 2017. (Reuters) June 29, 2019 Iran is "secretly selling oil" by getting assistance from Malaysia to sidestep U.S. sanctions, reports say. Referring to the latest findings by a Sweden-based [...]

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Iran envoy to Japan seeks support over US crisis

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe greets Iran's President Hassan Rouhani (R) during the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos January 22, 2014. (REUTERS) June 25, 2019 Iran’s ambassador to Japan is seeking international support to ease Mideast tensions and demands Washington stop hostilities toward Tehran Morteza Rahmani Movahed said [...]

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Iran-China trade drops 35 percent in 2019

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (L) and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi iduring their meeting at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, China February 19, 2019. (REUTERS) June 24, 2019 The latest official figures from China show that its trade with Iran suffered a substantial drop in the first five months of [...]

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