A good time to push for change in Iran?

A video projection is seen on the head of Iran's President Hassan Rouhani at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, Sept. 20, 2017. (Reuters) By Natasha Schmidt May 25, 2018 As the international spotlight once again turns to Iran, the time is right to push for change and re-open debate with [...]

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Third day of Iran truckers’ strike crimps gasoline supplies

Idled trucks in northern Iran’s Rasht city display a sign urging truck drivers to keep up their struggle for better working conditions, May 24, 2018. (VOA) By Michael Lipin May 25, 2018 Iranian truck drivers have extended a strike into a third day in at least four cities around the country, causing gasoline shortages [...]

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Iranians hold funeral for 3 people said killed by security forces

Hundreds of residents of Kazerun, Iran, attending a funeral on May 23, 2018, for three people who they say were killed by security forces confronting anti-government protesters in the city last week. (VOA) May 24, 2018 Residents of a southern Iranian city have held a funeral for three people who they say were [...]

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Iran’s striking truckers jolt government into addressing grievances

Iranian gasoline tanker truck drivers on strike in southern Iran's Fars province, May 23, 2018. (IRIB) By Michael Lipin May 24, 2018 A newly launched strike by Iranian truckers in seven of Iran’s provinces appears to have alarmed the government, jolting officials into trying to persuade the drivers to return to work. The Iranian [...]

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The Kazerun clashes and the politics of splitting up counties

Since summer 2017, the people of Kazerun have staged protests against plans to break the county of Kazerun in two. (Supplied) May 24, 2018 An election campaign promise has led to unrest,  chaos and bloodshed in Kazerun, a city in the southwest province of Fars. When Hossein Rezazadeh ran for parliament, one of his key [...]

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Worker sets himself on fire in Abadan

The worker, Zamen Azarbaijani, had been grappling with problems related to his work environment. (Supplied) May 24, 2018 A service worker for the city of Abadan municipality has set himself on fire to protest living conditions, local labor sources reported. State-run Iran Labor News Agency (ILNA) reported that in addition to financial distress, [...]

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Security forces kill three protesters in southern Iran as demonstrations continue

A video grab from a video showing mass protests in southwestern city of Kazeroon, April 20, 2018. (Supplied) By Tzvi Kahn May 23, 2018 Protests in Iran have largely faded from Western news reporting, but not from the country’s streets, with more than 400 in April alone. Last week in the southern city of Kazeroon, police [...]

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Fatal fungi: 11 killed, hundreds reported sick in Iran after mushroom poisoning

The deadly poisonous mushroom Amanita phalloides -- also known as the "death cap" -- is found in Iran, although it's not known if this was the type that is responsible for the deaths. (AFP) May 22, 2018 More than 800 people have been poisoned after eating toxic wild mushrooms across western Iran, local [...]

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Iran parliament in heated debate over money laundering legislation

Iranian MPs attend a parliament session in Tehran. (AFP) May 21, 2018 Iran’s Parliament (Majles) has discussed four regulatory bills at a closed-door session also attended by “a few senior security and executive officials” on Sunday May 20. MPs have disclosed that the discussions at the session evolved around international requirements against money [...]

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MP accuses Khamenei’s representative of fueling unrest

A video grab from a video showing mass protests in southwestern city of Kazeroon, April 20, 2018. (Supplied) May 21, 2018 While clashes between riot police and angry demonstrators continue in the Southwestern city of Kazeroon near Shiraz, local officials blame each other for the unrest that has claimed at least two lives [...]

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