Iran may attack Israel if US standoff escalates, says an Israeli minister

Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz. (AFP) May 13, 2019 An Israeli cabinet minister warned on Sunday of possible direct or proxy Iranian attacks on Israel should the stand-off between Tehran and Washington escalate. The United States has increased economic and military pressure on Iran, with President Donald Trump on Thursday urging its leaders to [...]

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Netanyahu: Israel won’t let Iran get nuclear weaponry

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (JPost) May 8, 2019 Israel will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weaponry, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday, reiterating a long-held Israeli position after Tehran announced it was scaling back some of its commitments under a 2015 nuclear deal. “This morning, on my way here, I [...]

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Israeli ambassador to UN says Iran sponsoring terrorism in Middle East

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon speaks during a Security Council meeting at United Nations headquarters. (AP) May 8, 2019 Israel's ambassador to the United Nations said on Monday that Iran is sponsoring terrorism in the Middle East. "When we hear the words coming from Tehran, threatening the U.S., threatening Israel, it shows that [...]

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Israel deployed ‘new missile’ against Iranian target

Syrian air defences responding to Israeli missiles targeting Iranian facilities near Damascus this week. (AFP) April 23, 2019 Days after Israel's air strikes on the Masyaf (Misyaf) missile plant in Hama Province, Syria, Israeli media have reported that a highly advanced "new missile" was deployed during the attacks. According to the reports, the [...]

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Why Iran’s Jews have to show support to the regime’s ideology

By Track Persia April 22, 2019 Among the most ancient populations that have resided Persia and taken it as their homeland for many centuries are the Jews. Nonetheless, the number of Jewish communities living in this part of the world has been significantly declining. A recent estimate of their number has reached about 12000, though, [...]

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Satellite images show possible Iranian missile factory in Syria destroyed

Before and after photos of a possible Iranian missile factory in Syria. (ISI)) April 16, 2019 Satellite images released by the Israeli intelligence firm ImageSat International (ISI) on Sunday showed the complete destruction of a possible Iranian surface-to-surface missile factory in Syria’s Masyaf District, allegedly struck by Israel on Saturday. “The main industrial [...]

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Israel air raid in central Syria reportedly kills Iranian fighters

Missile fire is seen from Damascus, Syria May 10, 2018. (REUTERS) April 13, 2019 An Israeli air strike in central Syria wounded three combatants early Saturday, the official SANA news agency reported. A Britain-based war monitor said the strike killed several Iranian fighters and wounded 17 Syrian troops and their allies. An Israeli [...]

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Tehran’s Imam wears IRGC uniform during prayer, threatens US, Israel

Movahedi-Kermani also threatened Israel, saying that the IRGC missiles are capable to level Israel to the ground. (Supplied) April 13, 2019 The Imam of Tehran Friday prayers, Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahedi-Kermani condemned on Friday the United States’ move of labelling the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a foreign terrorist organization. During his [...]

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Experts warn of Iranian ‘cyber war’ meddling ahead of Israeli election

Israel's Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz speaks at AIPAC in Washington, U.S., March 25, 2019. (Reuters) By Hollie McKay April 6, 2019 With the Israeli Presidential election just days away, cyber experts are warning about an uptick in Iranian cyber interference and the spread of disinformation. “Iran is using tactics very similar, if [...]

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IAEA inspects Iran ‘warehouse’ Netanyahu pointed to

The flag of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) flies in front of IAEA's headquarters during a board of governors meeting in Vienna, Austria June 12, 2017. (REUTERS) April 4, 2019 The UN atomic watchdog policing Iran's nuclear deal has inspected what Israel's prime minister called a "secret atomic warehouse" in Tehran, three [...]

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