‘It’s a trap’: Iran decries IAEA probe into uranium at site flagged by Israel

The flag of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) flies in front of its headquarters in Vienna, Austria, May 28, 2015. (Reuters) November 12, 2019 Iran on Sunday slammed reports that the UN atomic agency had found traces of uranium at a site flagged by Israel last year as a nuclear development warehouse [...]

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Israel announces dismantling Iranian smuggling network that serves Hamas, Jihad

Position near the southern Lebanese village of Kfar Kila shows members of the Israeli military, excavators, trailers, and other vehicles operating on the other side of the border, December 5, 2018. (AFP) November 9, 2019 The Israeli Shin Bet announced that it has foiled more than 450 “major operations” over the past year [...]

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Israel urges pressure on Iran over nuclear activity

Netanyahu said used his UN general Assembly speech to pinpoint a 'secret' atomic storage facility in Tehran. (AFP) November 8, 2019 Iran resumed uranium enrichment at its underground Fordow plant south of Tehran Thursday in the latest step back from commitments under a landmark 2015 nuclear deal. Israel called on European nations to join [...]

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Netanyahu repeats warning to deny Iran nuclear weapons

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv, Israel, May 30, 2018. (Reuters) November 7, 2019 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday vowed that Israel would never allow the Islamic Republic to acquire nuclear weapons. Earlier in the week, the Islamic Republic President, Hassan Rouhani, had announced that injecting uranium hexafluoride gas [...]

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In light of Iran’s actions, Israel isn’t leaving room for uncertainty

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani addresses the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly at UN headquarters in New York City, New York, US, September 25, 2019. (Reuters) Iran is] violating the [nuclear] agreement and running to tell everyone, and not by chance. Only a day after his country announced the activation of [...]

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Netanyahu plans to move funds from civilian to military spending, citing Iran threat

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gestures as he speaks during an annual New Year's toast in Jerusalem on December 12, 2018. (AFP) October 30, 2019 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans to shift funds designated for civilian purposes to military spending to meet any threats from Iran, a government official said on Tuesday. [...]

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Netanyahu accuses Iran of preparing precision missiles to strike Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during the commemoration of victims and award ceremony of the Righteous Among the Nations at the Paneriai Memorial in Vilnius, Lithuania August 24, 2018. (REUTERS) October 29, 2019 Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday accused Iran of deploying missiles in Yemen and elsewhere with the intention [...]

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For the US and Israel, a strike against Iran seems inevitable

An Iranian officer of Revolutionary Guards, with Israel flag drawn on his boots, is seen during graduation ceremony, held for the military cadets in a military academy, in Tehran, Iran June 30, 2018. (REUTERS) By Seth Cropsey October 28, 2019 Israel and Hezbollah, the Lebanese-based militant organization, have tacitly upheld a tense truce since [...]

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Israel on ‘high alert’ of cruise missile attacks from Iran

The launching of an Emad long-range ballistic surface-to-surface missile in an undisclosed location in Iran. (Iranian Defence Ministry) October 25, 2019 Iran could be planning a direct cruise missile or drone strike against Israel in retaliation for recent attacks against Tehran’s Middle Eastern allies, according to reports on Israeli Army Radio. The reports [...]

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Trump’s Syria withdrawal could spark Iran-Israel war

U.S. soldiers near the tense front line between the U.S-backed Syrian Manbij Military Council and the Turkish-backed fighters, in Manbij, north Syria, April 4, 2018. (AP) By Michael Rubin October 24, 2019 President Trump is right: People are sick and tired of expensive and seemingly never-ending U.S. military deployments. Mission creep, conflating initial war [...]

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