How Iran ‘infiltrated Morocco’ and aims to break into Sub-Saharan Africa

In an interview with Breitbart last month, Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita said Iran is in the process of expanding in the Sub-Saharan Africa. (AFP) October 9, 2018 In an interview with Breitbart last month, Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita spoke of how Iran “infiltrated” Morocco via book festivals and voiced his country’s support of [...]

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Morocco’s FM, US officials discuss Iran conspiracy with Polisario

Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita. (Supplied) September 21, 2018 Morocco's Foreign Affairs Minister Nasser Bourita said that talks he held with US officials during his visit to Washington on Sep 17-18 addressed several topics, mainly Iran and its conspiracy with Polisario. This topic is a major concern for US officials, as affirmed by [...]

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Moroccan FM says Iran seeks to destabilize Middle East and North Africa

Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita. (Supplied) By Ahmad Majidyar May 29, 2018 Relations between Morocco and Iran continue to deteriorate over Rabat’s allegations that Tehran is meddling in the internal affairs of the North African country. On Thursday, Tehran denied fresh accusations by Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita that Iran and Hezbollah foment instability in [...]

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Western Sahara tempts Iran to escalate tension between Rabat and Polisario

By Track Persia May 10, 2018 The resource-richness of Western Sahara seems to have tempted the Iranian regime and its Shiite Lebanese proxy Hezbollah which has promised to send a range of missiles to the desert’s Polisario Front, an Algeria-backed movement seeking independence and statehood, to escalate the crisis between Rabat and Polisario. Rabat on May [...]

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Morocco accuses Iran and Hezbollah of Polisario front support

A street sign is posted at the entrance of the embassy of Iran in Rabat, Morocco, Tuesday, May 1, 2018. (AP) By Romany Shaker May 5, 2018 n a surprise move, Morocco announced this week it would sever diplomatic ties with Iran over its military support for the Polisario Front, an armed group that seeks [...]

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Why has Morocco severed its diplomatic relations with Iran

Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita. (Supplied) May 3, 2018 Morocco’s relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran were strained ever since Morocco hosted the ousted Shah of Iran and supported Iraq in its war against Iran. Diplomatic relations were severed due to long-time mistrust and hostility. Another dispute between the two countries surfaced [...]

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Saudi Arabia condemns Iranian meddling, voices solidarity with Morocco

A man walks past the embassy of Iran in Rabat, Morocco, Tuesday, May 1, 2018. (AP) May 2, 2018 Saudi Arabia strongly condemned on Tuesday the Iranian meddling in Morocco’s internal affairs in wake of Rabat’s severing of its ties with Tehran over its support of the Polisario Front group. Riyadh stressed that [...]

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Morocco severs ties with Iran over alleged ties with Polisario Front

Morocco will close its embassy in Tehran and will expel the Iranian ambassador in Rabat. (Shutterstock) May 2, 2018 Morocco will sever diplomatic ties with Iran over Tehran's support for the Polisario Front, a Sahara independence movement, the Moroccan foreign minister said on Tuesday. The Polisario Front have fought a guerrilla war for [...]

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Morocco arrests US charged Lebanese ‘Hezbollah financier’

Kasim Tajideen was arrested on arrival in Casablanca on March 12 on a request by US authorities Mar 25, 2017 US authorities arrested a long-wanted alleged Hezbollah financier Friday on charges of violating US terror-related sanctions, after he was apparently deported to the United States from Morocco. Kassim Tajideen was formally charged in [...]

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Morocco detains Hezbollah-linked businessman

Mar 15, 2017 Moroccan authorities have arrested prominent Hezbollah-linked businessman Kassim Tajeddine, who has been blacklisted by the United States, local media reported on Wednesday. Police of the Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca arrested the Lebanese businessman transiting from Conakry, Guinea, to Beirut, Lebanon, said the Moroccan news site, citing a security official. [...]

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