This section is updated with news, updates, and articles that explore the Status of Minorities in Iran. Their life in Theocratic Iran has not been an easy ride.

This section has been set up separately to assist researchers and people who are interested in minorities as a page for direct access to such important topic.

The Shia-Sunni divide in Iran

Iranian Sunni cleric Molavi Abdul Hamid (R) meets Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. (Supplied) By Behnam Gholipour May 21, 2019 Iranian Sunnis have faced such high levels of discrimination and injustice that they are becoming increasingly ethnocentric, insular and skeptical about integrating with the country’s majority Shia community, a new study has found. The [...]

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Iranian state malware continues to hack online accounts of religious minority groups

The malware has multiple capabilities that enable the state to identify private user information, communications and contacts. (Shutterstock) May 22, 2019 Iranian state agents continue to use malware to hack into the online accounts of religious minority groups inside and outside Iran, investigations by the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) has [...]

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Seven Baha’i faith members sentenced to three years imprisonment in Bushehr

From left to right: Minoo Riyazati, Emad Jaberi, Farideh Jaberi, Asadollah Jaberi, Ehteram Sheikhi. (CHRI) May 14, 2019 A revolutionary court in the city of Bushehr in southern Iran sentenced seven members of the Baha’i faith to three years in prison each for allegedly answering questions about their religious beliefs to Muslim guests [...]

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Iran sentences seven Bahais to three years in jail each for their religious beliefs

Iran's revolutionary court room, undated. (Mizan) May 8, 2019 The Revolutionary Court in Bushehr, in southern Iran, has sentenced seven members of the Bahai religious minority to a total of 21 years in jail on the charges of "propagating against the political system." An individual close to the seven Bahais has told Radio [...]

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Iran Intelligence ‘summons’ people ‘who showed interest in Christianity’

Mahmoud Alavi, Iran’s intelligence minister. (Press TV) May 6, 2019 The Islamic Republic of Iran's Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi has expressed concern over Iranian Muslims converting into Christianity in various parts of Iran. Speaking on Saturday May 4, Alavi said that the Intelligence Ministry and the Qom Seminary have dispatched individuals and institutions [...]

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Baha’is in Iran plagued by worsening ‘systematic persecution’

Demonstrators hold images of imprisoned Iranian Baha'i religious leaders at a protest in Rio de Janeiro, June 2011. (Reuters) By Maya Margit May 3, 2019 haven’t seen my brothers in nine years now.” So says Sepehr Atefi, who left Iran in 2009 when he was just 20 years old. Like many members of the [...]

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US government body report: Iran escalates targeting of non-Shiite Muslims, other religious minorities

Thiaa, a 20-year-old Sunni Turkman who says he was imprisoned and beaten by the Iran-backed Shi’ite paramilitaries, is seen in Tuz Khurmato, Iraq October 27, 2017. (Reuters) April 30, 2019 A U.S. government body that monitors global religious freedom says conditions in Iran worsened last year, with escalated government targeting of non-Shi'ite Muslims [...]

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An Iranian Gonabadi dervish: “I’ll never be the same person again”

The aftermath of security forces attacking Dervishes in Tehran in February 2018. Street is littered with motorbikes and debris. (Supplied) By Aida Ghajar April 27, 2019 I had heard that he was a brave and engaged, an active and committed man. After Iran’s police and security forces cracked down on Iran's Gonabadi dervish community in 2018, raiding [...]

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Iran Guard’s soldier killed in shootout with ‘anti-revolutionaries’ in the Kurdistan province

A Peshmerga fighter of the Iranian armed opposition guards a position in Kurdistan Region, only a few kilometers away from the Iranian border in April 2017. (Rudaw TV) April 25, 2019 A member of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) was killed in a shootout on April 24 in the Kurdistan province, Mehr [...]

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Leader of ‘deviant’ Iran sect freed after years in prison

Mohammad Ali Taheri founded the spiritual movement "Erfan-e Kayhani" in the early 2000s, and quickly became a well-known spiritual leader. (YouTube) April 24, 2019 The leader of a "deviant" spiritual movement whose repeated death sentences drew international condemnation has been freed after almost eight years in prison, Iran's Judiciary said Tuesday. Mohammad Ali [...]

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