This section is updated with news, updates, and articles that explore the Status of Minorities in Iran. Their life in Theocratic Iran has not been an easy ride.

This section has been set up separately to assist researchers and people who are interested in minorities as a page for direct access to such important topic.

Iranian Sunni political prisoners hunger strike after brutal crackdown

Rajai Shahr Prison, Iran. (Supplied) February 13, 2019 Two Sunni political prisoners went on hunger strike, protesting to the treatment of prisoners and their transfer to solitary confinement after prison authorities attacked religious minority inmates in Raja’i Shahr Prison. The Sunni inmates, Seyyed Towhid Ghoreishi and Hamzeh Darvish, were taken to solitary confinement on Thursday, [...]

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Iran detains one Baha’i, frees another in crackdown

Neda Shabani, an Iranian Baha’i resident of the northern city of Karaj, embraces her husband outside of an Iranian prison after being released on bail Jan. 28, 2019. (VOA) January 31, 2019 Iran has detained one of its Baha'i citizens and released another as part of a long-running crackdown on members of the [...]

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Sufi woman jailed in Iran sentenced to 148 lashes for criticizing Gharchak Prison conditions

Ahmadi was arrested in Tehran on February 20, 2018, during a violent confrontation initiated by the police against dervishes who had been protesting in a neighborhood of Tehran. (CHRI) January 26, 2019 Elham Ahmadi, an imprisoned member of the Sufi Gonabadi Order in Iran, has been sentenced to 148 lashes for speaking out [...]

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Iranian court rules that being a Baha’i is not a crime

Lisa Tibanian was acquitted of the charge of “propaganda against the regime”. (IranWire) By Kian Sabeti January 25, 2019 An Iranian Baha’i woman accused of “propaganda against the regime” has been acquitted in a historic verdict that activists hope signals a move away from the discriminatory policies against the country’s largest religious minority community. [...]

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Ex-Iranian prisoner Hassan Karimi reveals secrets of regime’s jails

“For days, my hand and feet were tied together so my body was arched forward in that position,” he said. (Al Arabiya) January 24, 2019 “There are several pictures and videos showing the brutal treatment of citizens in the form of beatings in public. So, you can imagine the extent of torture that [...]

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Iran’s Sunni leader calls for end to discrimination

Molavi Abdol-Hamid, a Sunni theologian and the spiritual leader of the Sunni community in Iran. (RFE/RL) January 23, 2019 Almost four decades after the Islamic Revolution heralded an era of equality for all Iranians, Sunnis are still suffering from discrimination, says the Friday Prayer Leader of the city of Zahedan, Molavi Abdol-Hamid. Forty [...]

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Anti-Iran Kurdish Official: we want to establish independent state

Kurdistan Freedom Party (PAK) in Iran, Hossein Yazdan Bina. (Supplied) January 22, 2019 Vice President of the anti-Iran Kurdistan Freedom Party and commander of the military wing of the party, Hussein Yazdan Bina declared that the fate of any future Kurdish state will be decided by the people through ballot boxes. He told [...]

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Iranian Sunni clergymen under “provincial arrest”

Molavi Abdol-Hamid Ismaeelzahi (L), a Sunni theologian and the spiritual leader of the Sunni community in Iran, in a meeting of Sunni clerics with president Rouhani, on December 11, 2016. (IRNA) By Maryam Dehkordi January 21, 2019 Prominent Sunni clergymen such as Molavi Abdul Hamid Ismael Zahi have repeatedly criticized travel restrictions imposed on [...]

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Election of a non-Muslim and flogging of a city chairman in Iran

Gholamali Sefid, chairman of City Council of Yazd who has been sentenced to 37 lashes. (Tasnim) January 19, 2019 The conviction of a city council chairman in Iran to flogging for supporting the legal election of a non-Muslim Zoroastrian as a council member in 2017 has led to criticism. The chairman of the [...]

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Iran launched Christmas crackdown on persecuted Christian minority

A girl looks at Christmas trees as she and her mother walk past Christmas decorations in central Tehran, Dec. 13, 2011. (Reuters) By Benjamin Weinthal January 18, 2019 The Islamic Republic of Iran unleashed yet another crackdown on the country’s struggling Christian minority before and after Christmas, prompting international calls for help – and for much tougher action against [...]

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