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Is Tehran spying on Southern California? Feds say O.C. waiter and ‘Chubby’ from Long Beach were agents of Iran

Authorities allege that two Iranians were operating in Orange County as spies on behalf of Iran. One of the men worked at Darya, a popular Persian restaurant in Sana Ana. (LAT) By Melissa Etehad January 16, 2019 They seemed an unlikely pair of spies. The older man, Majid Ghorbani, worked at a posh Persian [...]

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A journalist working for Iran’s state TV arrested in U.S.

A man watches a television broadcast of US President Donald Trump's speech, in Tehran, Iran October 13, 2017. (REUTERS) January 16, 2019 U.S. police have arrested an American-born journalist working for Iran's English-language Press TV, the state-run broadcaster reported on Wednesday. It said Marziyeh Hashemi was arrested at St. Louis Lambert International Airport [...]

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No US assistance on Syria reconstruction until Iran is out: top US diplomat

Brian Hook, special representative for Iran, leaves the podium after speaking about the creation of the Iran Action Group at the State Department, in Washington, Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018. (AP) By Natasha Turak January 15, 2019 Top U.S. diplomats are stridently pledging the Trump administration's determination to drive Iran out of Syria, even as [...]

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Rouhani insists on satellite launch despite western opposition

A Simorgh satellite rocket at its launch site at an undisclosed location in Iran. (AFP) January 15, 2019 President Hassan Rouhani says Iran is going to send two satellites into orbit in the coming days; despite Western warnings. Speaking during a visit to Gonbad-e Kavous in Iran's northeastern Golestan Province on Monday January [...]

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US reiterates concern about Iran-backed Hezbollah agenda to destabilize region

Hezbollah supporters carry portraits of the founder of Iran’s Islamic Republic, Ruhollah Khomeini (left), and supreme leader Ali Khamenei, as they march in the southern Lebanese town of Kfar Hatta on March 18. (AFP) January 14, 2019 US officials are in Beirut holding talks with Lebanese officials about the growing threat posed by [...]

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A key missing piece of the Amad puzzle

Iranian President Hassan Rohani visits the control room of the Bushehr nuclear power plant. (AFP) By David Albright, Olli Heinonen, Frank Pabian and Andrea Stricker January 14, 2019 Background Documentation seized in January 2018 by Israel from the Iranian “Nuclear Archive”1 revealed key elements of Iran’s past nuclear weaponization program and the Amad program more broadly, aimed at [...]

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WSJ: White House asked Pentagon for options to strike Iran

US President Donald Trump speaks alongside National Security Adviser John Bolton (L) during a Cabinet Meeting in the White House, May 9, 2018. (AFP) January 14, 2019 The White House’s national security team last autumn asked the Pentagon to provide it with options for striking Iran after a group of militants aligned with Tehran [...]

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While the Iranian regime’s elite bash US, their children reap its benefits

Iranian elites decided to go far and send their children to the US for education. (Shutterstock) By Ali Hajizade January 12, 2019 A distinguishing feature of the world’s pariahs is their hypocrisy. During the 20th century, the examples of hypocrisy could be witnessed in the Eastern bloc countries, where the elites were living [...]

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Iran is likely setting stage for international phishing campaign

Iran has likely been hijacking domains related to entities across the Middle East and North America, which could allow Iran to launch more, and more successful, cyber attacks. (Shutterstock) By Patrick Tucker January 12, 2019 Phishing attacks only work when the target takes the bait. The email containing the link or attachment that will compromise the [...]

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Venezuela, Iran and Hezbollah – all hostile to the US – forge closer ties

Iranian students hold a poster of Lebanese Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, left, Venezuela's late President Hugo Chavez, right, at Tehran University in Iran. (AP) By Hollie McKay January 12, 2019 As Iran and Venezuela become increasingly isolated and sanctioned by the U.S and much of the international community, the two governments are [...]

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