Iranian IRGC in Syria’s Latakia?

Iranian revolutionary guard forces during fighting in Aleppo, Syria. undated. (Fars) May 22, 2019 Jorf News, a Syrian news site, reported that Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps began a naval combat training course in Latakia province in northern Syria. Latakia is where Russia’s Khmeimim airbase is located. A “source” told Jorf News that [...]

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Iranian tankers relieve pressure of oil sanctions on Assad

An oil tanker is seen off the port of Bandar Abbas, southern Iran. (AFP) By David Adesnik May 18, 2019 For the second time this month, an Iranian tanker has delivered nearly a million barrels of crude oil to Syria, relieving the dire shortage of fuel brought on by tougher enforcement of U.S. sanctions. These deliveries indicate the [...]

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Hossein Hamedani: Suppressor of protests in Iran and Syria

Iranians attend the funeral ceremony of IRGC commander Brig-Gen Hossein Hamedani in Tehran. (Supplied) May 15, 2019 Hossein Hamedani is best known for his role in suppressing protests in Iran following the 2009 election, and for his presence in Syria, where he became the highest-ranking Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commander to be [...]

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US Special Representative: We want full Iranian withdrawal from Syria

US Special Representative for Syria Engagement James Jeffrey. (AP) May 11, 2019 James Jeffrey, the US Special Representative for Syria Engagement and the Special Envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, said that his country wanted a full Iranian withdrawal from Syria and would not allow Iran to “fill the void” in [...]

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Iran sent oil shipment to Syria amid fuel crisis

Trucks carrying oil in Hassakeh province, Syria, April 2018. (AP) May 11, 2019 Syria received its first foreign oil supplies for six months last week, with the arrival of two shipments including one from Iran, a source familiar with Iranian oil shipments said. The oil was delivered in two tankers, one sent by [...]

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Zarif suggests establishing security zone on Turkish borders

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (right) with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif in Moscow. (AFP) May 9, 2019 Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has met today (Wednesday) with his Iranian counterpart Mohammed Javad Zarif in Moscow. Their meeting focused on developments in Syria, especially in the northern region, Ankara’s willingness to establish [...]

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Russia, Iran maneuver for influence in Syria

Iran's army chief of staff Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bagheri, left, looks into binoculars as he visits and other senior officers from the Iranian military a front line in the northern province of Aleppo, Syria, Oct. 20, 2017. (AP) By Jamie Dettmer May 3, 2019 Once-hidden Russian-Iranian disagreements over Syria are starting to surface. Moscow [...]

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US will stay in Syria to stop Iran ‘taking dangerous action’, CENTCOM head says

US troops in northeast Syria. (AFP) April 30, 2019 US Central Command head Gen Kenneth McKenzie said on Saturday that his forces will have the necessary resources to stop Iran from "taking any action that might be dangerous," Sky News Arabia reported. The Abu Dhabi-based television channel cited Gen McKenzie as saying: "We [...]

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Iran’s investments in Syria in jeopardy thanks to US sanctions

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (R) meets with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Tehran, February 25, 2019. (AFP) By Majid Rafizadeh April 27, 2019 Sanctions leveled by the US on the Iranian government’s military institution — the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its affiliates — as well as the banking system and [...]

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Iran limits its plans in Syria

Syrian air defences responding to Israeli missiles targeting Iranian facilities near Damascus, May 10, 2018. (REUTERS) April 26, 2019 Israel's raids and various military operations in Syria, as well as the economic situation in Iran, prompted Tehran to give up a large part of its plans and limit its objectives in Syria, according [...]

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