Pompeo slams Iran as ‘world’s largest state sponsor of terror’

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative public policy think tank, in Washington, May 21, 2018. (AP) September 22, 2018 US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued on Friday a severe warning to Iran, saying it will be held accountable should American interests come under attack. "We will [...]

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Iran’s Rouhani vows Tehran will not abandon its missiles

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani gestures as he speaks during a rally marking the anniversary of Iran's 1979 revolution, in Tehran, Iran, February 11, 2018. (Reuters) September 22, 2018 Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has vowed that Tehran will not abandon its missiles, despite U.S. pressure. Rouhani made the remark in a speech carried live [...]

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Major powers, except US, try to keep Iran nuclear deal alive

Iranian President Hassan Rohani visits the control room of the Bushehr nuclear power plant. (AFP) September 22, 2018 Nations that struck the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, except for the United States, meet on Monday in what many diplomats fear may prove a quixotic effort to keep the agreement alive after U.S. sanctions targeting [...]

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Pressures on Iran at the onset of UN Assembly

US President Donald Trump delivered his maiden address to the UN General Assembly in New York on Tuesday, (AFP) September 21, 2018 Iran appears to have come under mounting international pressures over its regional ambitions, its destabilizing role in the region and its ballistic missile program days before its President and foreign minister [...]

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State Department: Iran allows al Qaeda to operate its ‘core facilitation pipeline’

Iran has allowed AQ facilitators to operate a core facilitation pipeline through Iran since at least 2009, enabling AQ to move funds and fighters to South Asia and Syria. (Supplied) By Thomas Joscelyn September 21, 2018 The State Department released its annual Country Reports on Terrorism. The report covers events during the previous calendar year. [...]

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Iran’s oil exports rapidly decline as other producers fill the void

The logo of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is pictured at its headquarters in Vienna, Austria, May 30, 2016. (Reuters) September 21, 2018 After 29% annual growth in 2017, net oil export revenues of OPEC members are expected to rise again by 30% to $736 billion in 2018, the US Energy Information [...]

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Iran dismisses U.S. offer of talks, says Washington broke last deal

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (L) meets with Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Manhattan, New York City, U.S., April 22, 2016. (REUTERS) September 21, 2018 Iran hit back at a U.S. offer of negotiations on Thursday, saying Washington had violated the terms of the last big deal they agreed, the [...]

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Volkswagen to stop doing business in Iran

A car with the Volkswagen VW logo badge is seen on display at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan, US, January 16, 2018. (Reuters) September 20, 2018 Volkswagen has bowed to American pressure stemming from the US rejection of the multi-party nuclear deal and will end almost all business in [...]

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Trump’s tough line on Iran risks backlash at U.N.

America’s European allies have been clear that they will not bow to President Donald Trump's demands to scrap the Iran nuclear deal. (Getty Images) September 20, 2018 Donald Trump sees next week’s main session of the United Nations General Assembly as a chance to condemn Iran for spreading what he’s called “chaos and [...]

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Iran hires financial arsonist to fight its financial fires

Abdolnaser Hemmati has been appointed by Rouhani’s cabinet as the new governor of Central Bank of Iran, replacing Valiollah Seif. (MEHR) By Saeed Ghasseminejad, Tyler Stapleton September 20, 2018 With its economy reeling and its currency in free fall, Iran hired a new central banker in August to restore public confidence. President Hasan Rouhani appointed Abdolnaser Hemmati to replace [...]

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