This section is updated with news,updates, and articles on one of the main vehicles that effect society in Iran. Women in Iran are the core of positive and progressive change in Iranian society throughout the ages.

It has been set up separately to assist researchers and people who are interested in Iranian woman affairs as a page for direct access to such important topic.

Women are crucial to resisting Iran’s regime

A woman walks past a mural on the wall of the former U.S. embassy in Tehran, Iran, on Tuesday, Sep 10,  2016. (AFP) By Maria Ryan September 13, 2019 Iran’s leadership has denied basic human rights to the people of Iran, especially women. For 40 years, Iran’s pro-democracy movement has remained active, despite frequent [...]

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Iran to arrest superstar for sympathizing with dead female football fan

Saba Kamali, Iranian movie star. (Fars) September 13, 2019 While the International Football Federation (FIFA) is set to dispatch a delegation to Tehran to look into the case of a female football fan who recently committed suicide by self-immolation, the Islamic Republic has issued a warrant to arrest a movie superstar in Iran [...]

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FIFA organizes Iran visit after female fan death

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (R) and FIFA President Gianni Infantino holding a football shirt with Rouhani's name during Infantino's visit to the capital Tehran on March 1, 2018. (AFP) September 12, 2019 FIFA said on Wednesday it will send officials to Iran "shortly" to look at the possibility of allowing female spectators into [...]

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Female football fan in Iran dies in hospital from burns

Iranian woman dubbed "The Blue Girl" after self-immolation in hospital. Undated. (Supplied) September 10, 2019 A young woman who had set herself on fire to protest her possible indictment for trying to enter a sports stadium in Iran has died in hospital. The 29-year old whose name has not been officially released was [...]

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Former minister’s daughter arrested in Iran for alleged corruption

Shabnam Nematzadeh, daughter of former Minister of Industry. (Fars) September 9, 2019 Authorities in Iran have arrested the daughter of a former minister of industry, mines, and trade for cornering a part of the medicine market and accumulating assets through illegal channels, the state-run Iran Students News Agency (ISNA) reported on Sunday, September [...]

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Football stars in Iran voice support for female fan who set fire to herself

Iranian football fans in Iran watching Iran Spain game via screen. (MEHR) September 7, 2019 Two Iranian soccer superstars have sympathized with a young female football fan who set herself on fire on September 1, after being sentenced to jail for trying to enter a stadium and watch a men's soccer match. Women [...]

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Young female football fan in Iran sets herself on fire to protest jail

Supporters hold a banner calling for Iranian women to be allowed to enter football stadiums, during a match between Sweden and Iran in Solna near Stockholm on March 31, 2015. (AFP) September 5, 2019 A young woman who set herself on fire on September 1 outside the public prosecutor’s office in Tehran is [...]

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200 prisoners in Iran’s Gharchak Prison for women protest inhumane living conditions

Shahr Ray Prison for women, also called Gharchak Prison, February 7, 2019. (Social Media) September 3, 2019 Two hundred inmates in Ward 5 of Gharchak Prison for women in the Iranian city of Varamin have sent an open letter to the head of the State Prisons Organization in Tehran Province protesting the prison’s inhumane [...]

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Nooshin Jafari tried to help her jailed sister. She’s now behind bars

Nooshin Jafari was arrested on a trumped up charge of “insulting the sacred.” (Supplied) By Shima Shahrabi September 3, 2019 Less than a month after arresting photojournalist and culture reporter Nooshin Jafari on blasphemy charges, Iranian authorities have now detained her sister as well. The move comes just as more than 200 film and theater directors, [...]

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Tehran court sentences May Day demonstrators to jail, lashes

Atefeh Rangriz, researcher arrested and sentenced in Iran for participating in May 1, International Labor Day protest. (Social Media) August 31, 2019 Human rights activists in Iran say a court in Tehran has condemned Atefeh Rangriz, a researcher arrested during Labor Day demonstrations on May 1, to 11 years in jail and 74 [...]

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