This section is updated with news,updates, and articles on one of the main vehicles that effect society in Iran. Women in Iran are the core of positive and progressive change in Iranian society throughout the ages.

It has been set up separately to assist researchers and people who are interested in Iranian woman affairs as a page for direct access to such important topic.

Iranian female fans to Asian Football Confederation: open stadium doors for all

A limited group of Iranian women were allowed to attend Asian Champions League football final in Tehran on November 10, 2018. (IRNA) By Payam Yunesipour March 8, 2019 Female fans of Iranian football team Persepolis have launched a new campaign calling for women to be allowed into stadiums. Appealing to the Asian Football Confederation [...]

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Iran lawyer convicted after defending women protesters

Iranian lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh smiles at her home in Tehran on September 18, 2013, after being freed following three years in prison. (AFP) March 7, 2019 A prominent human rights lawyer in Iran who defended protesters against the Islamic Republic’s mandatory headscarves for women has been convicted and faces years in prison, an [...]

By |March 7th, 2019|Iran, Woman|

Five crimes committed by women in Iran

It is easy for women to get into trouble in Iran. (IranWire) March 6, 2019 If you’re a woman in Iran, it’s easy to get into trouble — whether it’s walking a dog or watching football. Here are five crimes women regularly commit in Iran. You might be surprised (or not). Five crimes [...]

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Iranian who was arrested for hijab protest absconds country, seeks asylum

Azam Jangravi poses during an interview with Reuters, at the unknown location, February 7, 2019. (REUTERS) March 5, 2019 One year ago, Azam Jangravi took off her hijab and waved it above her head while standing atop an electrical transformer in a busy Tehran square. It was an act of protest to denounce [...]

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Iran: As crackdown continues, signs point to targeting of women’s and minorities’ rights activists

Thousands of people rally in support of Iranian anti-government protests in Los Angeles, Jan. 7, 2018. (Reuters) By Edward Carny March 5, 2019 In the midst of a broad-ranging crackdown on dissent, authorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran have taken aim at a number of specific groups. Since the beginning of 2018, [...]

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Iran ranks near bottom on World Bank index of women’s equality

Iranian women make their way in a sidewalk while wearing the “chador,” in downtown Tehran on Aug. 24, 2017. (AP) March 2, 2019 Women in Iran are paid less than three-quarters of the salaries paid to their male compatriots, the World Bank said in a study published February 28. In terms of economic [...]

By |March 2nd, 2019|Iran, Woman|

Homosexuality and threats to national security: Iran’s latest fabricated charge

Rezvaneh Mohammadi stood trial on February 17 on charges including “acting against national security by normalizing homosexual relationships". (IranWire) By Mahrokh Gholamhosseinpour February 28, 2019 An Iranian student has gone on trial for “acting against national security by normalizing homosexual relationships.” The charge was brought against Rezvaneh Mohammadi by Judge Mohammad Moghiseh on February 17. Lawyers [...]

By |February 28th, 2019|Iran, Woman|

Iranian woman ‘is sprayed in the face with tear gas by undercover morality police for refusing to wear a hijab’

Women have been removing their hijabs in public despite threats of arrest and have been demanding the regime give more rights to females. (Shutterstock) February 27, 2019 An Iranian woman has been sprayed in the face with tear gas after going outside without a hijab, campaigners say. Video of the altercation shows the [...]

By |February 27th, 2019|Iran, Woman|

Hijabs & harassment: how Iran soured its ‘Sisters’ on the revolution

Narges Hossein, the second “Revolution Woman," who followed in the footsteps of Vida Movahed and protested against forced hijab. (Supplied) By Golnaz Esfandiari February 26, 2019 Forty years ago, Iranian women and girls of various political and social stripes helped to bring on Iran's 1979 revolution to topple the shah. But according to [...]

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Iranian regime refuses to pass a bill to prevent violence against women

Two Iranian women make their way in a square while one of them wears the chador in downtown Tehran, Iran, Aug. 24, 2017. (AP) February 26, 2019 The Iranian Judiciary has called for the Provision of Security for Women Against Violence (PSW) bill to be fundamentally revised, expressing doubts over whether the heavy [...]

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