Child labor is a serious issue in Iran. (MEHR)

July 16, 2019

According to Iran’s Ministry of Labor, the number of child laborers has increased by 10% in Iran during the last two years.

“The latest report from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs showed that the number of employed children aged 10 to 17 were 410,000 in 2017, of which 82.3% were male and 17.7% were girls,” the state-run ILNA News Agency wrote.

“The study shows that during the period of 2015 to 2017, the number of working children increased by 21% from 338,000 to 410,000. From the total 410,000 employed children, 52,000 of them are child laborers who work in difficult jobs such as mining and construction,” ILNA added.

Child laborers selling flowers in Iran.
Child laborers selling flowers in Iran.
Child laborer in Iran
Child working in brick factory in Iran.

The report also said that “Yaser”, a temporary holding place for child laborers who were violently hauled off the streets of Tehran, had “horrifying conditions” and resembled a prison where children were “humiliated”.

“More than 150 children are kept in Yaser which only has the capacity to hold 35 people,” ILNA said adding that most of the children were between 12 to 18 years old.

According to the report, despite the sharp increase of child laborers in Iran, the government still used “coercive” measures to deal with child laborers who worked on the streets.

In another report, official sources in Yazd said that more than 2,000 children were identified as malnourished in the central Iranian province.

According to the Assistance Head of the Family Support and Health Department of the Khomeini Relief Foundation in Yazd, there are around 2,200 malnourished children under the age of 5 in the province.

Mohammad Hossein Jamalpour, the Relief Foundation official said that malnutrition was widespread amongst children under five years of age.

“Disruption of brain and physical development, increased medical expenses and medical care, and academic failure were some of the undesirable outcomes of malnutrition in children, which has an adverse effect on the society,” Jamalpour added.

According to unofficial sources in Iran, 80% of Iranians live under the line of poverty due to years of the regime’s corruption and mismanagement.

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