Syrian air defences responding to Israeli missiles targeting Iranian facilities near Damascus this week. (AFP)

January 26, 2019

An Iranian official on Thursday expressed “anger” at Russia’s failure to activate the S-300 air defense system deployed in Syria during a recent Israeli airstrike near Damascus.

Head of parliament’s national security and foreign policy committee Heshmatollah Falahat-Pisheh told IRNA there was serious criticism in Tehran for not activating Russia’s S-300 during the Israeli attacks.

He said if the system had operated correctly, the Israelis would not have attacked Syria that easily.

After returning to Tehran from a visit to Damascus and Ankara, Falahat-Pisheh said: “It seems that there is a kind of coordination between Israel’s attacks and the Russian air defense deployed in Syria.”

The Iranian deputy said that Israel’s military actions in the war-torn country aim to disrupt stability.

“The Israelis claim their actions are against Iran, while they are attacking Syrian infrastructure, security and defense installations,” he said.

Meanwhile, a bomb attack hit the al-Adawi neighbourhood of Damascus on Thursday, causing material damage but no casualties, in the second such explosion in a regime-held area in less than a week.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the blast hit near the Russian embassy, slightly injuring four people.

Asharq Al-Awsat

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