18 May, 2016

Reports from Iran of some of the latest anti-regime protests:

University students protest in Yasuj
Yasuj (central Iran), May 17 – A group of students of Yasuj University held a sit-in after discovering cockroaches in the food of female students. The protesters chanted: “Incompetent manager! Resign! Resign!”

Employees of the aircraft maintenance engineering sector of Iran Air rally in Tehran
Tehran, May 15 – Employees of the aircraft maintenance engineering sector of Iran Air rallied in front of the organization’s office in Mehrabad Airport and protested against administrative inefficiency. At the end of the rally, the protesters’ spokesman read out a joint statement and pointed out that they will protest again unless their demands are fully met.

Merchants protest in Piranshahr
Piranshahr (north-west Iran), May 16 – Merchants of the Piranshahr Bazaar held a protest against recent repressive measures by the mullahs’ regime aimed at blocking the sale of imported clothes in border areas. These preventive measures have cut the sole subsistence of the merchants, creating a difficult situation for them.

Housing applicants protest in Karaj
Karaj (north-west of Tehran), May 17 – Applicants of the Mehr Housing Project in Pardis lodged a protest, demanding housing assignments. The rally was the largest recent gathering by housing applicants in this region.

University students protest in Tehran
Tehran, May 17 – A group of university students staged a protest against the demolition of university workshop buildings to plant green spaces in the faculty.

Workers of Chooka Manufacturing Company protest in Gilan
Gilan Province (northern Iran), May 17 – Workers of the Chooka Manufacturing Company protest in Gilan. The workers installed large banners to protest against the shut-down of their factory.


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