Brave protesters overcoming fears and standing up to regime’s security forces. (Iran Focus)

By Adena Nima

August 13, 2019

One of the main traits of Iranian politicians is their empty promises to resolve the country’s economic problems. They make these promises without regard for a time-frame or laying out actual solutions.

These promises are made even though none of the realities on the ground nor current methods are changed in the economy. They are made to quell the growing anger among impoverished Iranians who feel the brunt of the economic crisis more than ever.

They are made to silence Iranians and prevent them from carrying out protests happening every day in Iran. But will these promises prevent protests that will eventually accumulate and reach the likes of the Dec\Jan 2018 uprising that swept through almost all provinces with slogans such as “Down with Khamenei”, the regime’s Supreme Leader?

In recent remarks, Iran’s President Rouhani said that “government sources are limited but the patience of the people is unlimited”.

It would be unwise to think that Rouhani and other officials are banking on the people’s “patience” until the 2020 US elections. They know better than anyone that the only reason Iranians have yet to topple the regime with widespread protests is due to growing suppression. It would seem that Rouhani is actually asking Iranians for patience because he knows just how impatient and angry they have grown.

According to Jahan-e San’at state-run daily, which covers economic news, the regime practices “Machiavellianism” when it comes to economic issues adding that officials were to blame for the current state of the economy.

“People’s grappling with issues such as unemployment, poverty and despair reflect the weakness of officials over time,” the daily wrote.

“Although Machiavellian policies are adopted to persuade people in the face of economic problems, this seems to be self-deception rather than demagoguery,” the daily added.

In other words, the regime is fooling itself because Iranians aren’t buying it.

So yes, nothing worries the Iranian regime more than protests on the streets of Iran.

In recent comments carried by state-run media, the Spokesperson for Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs admitted that the threat of widespread protests had the regime wringing its hands.

“They (the enemy) are sitting in their think tanks creating rumors, lies, psychological operations and then executing them in our country the example of which was seen in 2018 when more than 100 cities were driven into chaos,” Seyed Abbas Mousavi said citing the 2018 uprising.

He also noted that the US had economically sanctioned the regime so that Iranians would revolt and bring down the regime.

Mousavi warned that the regime had to be careful of what was going on inside Iran so that the regime did not fall into the “enemy’s trap of divisions, sedition, chaos and revolt which would cause the collapse of the Islamic Republic”.

The Iranian regime fears sanctions because it’s terrified of Iranians revolting against its 40 year rule. And no, Iranians don’t blame the US for their economic woes. They never have. They know who their enemy is.

Iran News Wire

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