Yasaman Aryani was taken to custody by security agents who raided her house, confiscating her personal belongings. (Supplied)

April 13, 2019

Civil rights activist Yasaman Aryani, was arrested for unknown reasons on April 10, 2019 after the state security forces raided her home in Tehran, her mother announced in a video clip posted on social media.

In a short call to her family on the same day Yasaman Aryani informed them that she was detained on a complaint filed by the Guidance Prosecutor’s Office.

On Wednesday, Yasaman Aryani was taken to custody by security agents who raided her house, confiscating her personal belongings.

The agents mistreated her father while searching the house.

Reports indicate that Mnireh Arabshahi, Aryani’s mother, was arrested by the state security forces on April 11, after she went to the Vozara detention center to follow up her daughter’s status.

Before being arrested Mrs Arabshahi had gone to the flood stricken city of Mamulan in Lorestan Province to provide relief to the flood survivors.
She cut short the trip and got back to Tehran after being aware of her daughter’s arrest.

Beforehand, on April 8, 2019, Yasaman Aryani had announced that she had been banned from playing in a play called “Actors’ Studio” at Malek Theater in Tehran on the order of the Ministry of Guidance.

Yasaman Aryani, 23, had been arrested along with some other activists, while attending a protest assembly on August 2, 2018 in front of Daneshjoo (Student) park in Tehran and taken to Qarchak prison.

Right after their arrest, the young detainees posted a message on their experience and calling for help via a cellphone from inside a State Security Force van as they were being taken to jail.

Thousands of enraged protesters poured into the streets of several Iranian cities for several days in early August 2018, protesting the country’s faltering economy, skyrocketing inflation, hardship and hiking prices.

Aryani and four other women were sentenced to spend time in prison on charge of “disrupting the public order” and were transferred to Evin Prison.

After being released from Evin Prison on February 13, 2019, she announced that “being pardoned” was just a show by the regime officials.
Yasaman Aryani had revealed regimes’ crimes against incarcerated women and the prison’s condition.

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