Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United Nations Abdullah al-Mouallimi called on Iran to change its approaches in the region. (Supplied)

October 8, 2018

Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United Nations Abdullah al-Mouallimi said in two separate letters sent to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the president of the Security Council, that Riyadh deplores Iran’s accusation that Saudi Arabia was behind the Ahwaz attacks that took place on September 22. Read more

He rejected the Iranian regime’s accusations and said it was a ploy to cover up its own destructive policies in the region.

The veteran diplomat added that Iran chose to direct the allegations toward Saudi Arabia rather than change its policies and stop its interventions in the region.

Mouallimi added that Tehran wasted its money by financing terrorism, and that Saudi Arabia’s policy is not to interfere in the affairs of others and refuse any interference into its own affairs.

The Saudi diplomat added that there is ample evidence of Iran’s intervention and support of Houthi militias in Yemen by providing them with ballistic missiles and destabilizing the region through its terrorist organizations, like Hezbollah in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Mouallimi also pointed to international reports about the increasing activities of al-Qaeda figures in Iran.

He called on Iran to change its approach and respect neighboring countries and international laws.

Al Arabiya

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