Atefeh Rangriz, researcher arrested and sentenced in Iran for participating in May 1, International Labor Day protest. (Social Media)

August 31, 2019

Human rights activists in Iran say a court in Tehran has condemned Atefeh Rangriz, a researcher arrested during Labor Day demonstrations on May 1, to 11 years in jail and 74 lashes.

Social media reports say the sentence was issued by notorious Judge Mohammad Mogheiseh at bench 28 of Iran’s Revolutionary Court and was handed to Rangriz’s defense lawyer.

Iranian Judiciary officials have still not reacted to the report.

Some 35 activists were arrested in a May Day demonstration in Tehran in front of the Iranian Parliament (Majles).

Some of those detained were released, but others including Atefeh Rangriz and Sharq newspaper reporter Marzieh Amiri were given jail sentences. Amiri is sentenced to 10 years in jail and 148 lashes.

Meanwhile the court sentenced two Tehran Bus Company employees Nasrin Javadi and Rasoul Taleb Moqaddam to two and a half years in jail each.

More than 80 labor unions around the world have protested against the sentences given to Iran’s Labor Day demonstrators.


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