Picture of the Houthi attack on al-Anad Air base in Lahij governorate. (Supplied)

January 11, 2019

The Yemeni Council of Ministers denounced Iran’s disobeying of UN resolutions on Thursday, saying that “it won’t stop until it is  strongly deterred by the International Community.”

The Yemeni legitimate government said that Houthi militias are challenging the international community and its decisions, in a press release.

The press release said that targeting al-Anad Air base in Lahij governorate, the continuous violations of the Hodeidah ceasefire, and the constant repudiation of what has been agreed on in Sweden, are all ways that the Houthi militias are challenging the international community and its decisions.

It added that these actions are a clear indication of the Houthis’ rejection of peace efforts and their insisting on executing the agenda of their sponsors in Tehran.

The Yemeni Council of Ministers said in the statement that the increasing Houthis’ deadly attacks since the Sweden deal is “planned and aims at failing the Secretary General of the United Nations and his envoy to Yemen,” pointing out the obvious involvement of Tehran in directing Houthis towards what serves its agenda.

The statement also stressed  that the UN and the international community’s abilities are being tested.

The legitimate government and the Arab Coalition will not stand by and watch while the situation stays this way and Houthis try to prolong the war, said the statement.

Al Arabiya

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