Arresting people in Kerman-Iran, undated. (NCRI)

May 1, 2021

The Prosecutor of a south-central province in Iran told reporters yesterday that 10 people were detained by the Intelligence Agency in Kerman Province for being what he called “excommunicates and counter-revolutionaries”.

According to the state-run Tasnim News Agency, Kerman Prosecutor Dadkhoda Salari claimed they intended to carry out “assassinations”, and “violent military measures” in a bid to make the country “insecure”.

Salari said they detainees were being dealt with by the Judiciary. He also said 15 guns, which belonged to “counter-revolutionaries” had been found in the province in the past year.

“Some of these people came from abroad to create insecurity. Some are guided and trained for sabotage operations from abroad,” Salari added.

The identities of the detained citizens were not revealed in the report. The Iranian regime calls dissidents “counter-revolutionaries”.


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