The number of Iranian pilgrims this year, arrived in Saudi Arabia in 600 batches. (File photo: AP)

September 2, 2017

A Saudi official said that the number of Iranian pilgrims this year exceeded 86,000.

Journalists from Iranian state television IRIB mentioned in their reports the smooth and high-quality facilities set up for pilgrims in the holy city.

Meanwhile, the number of Qatari pilgrims was bigger than last year despite their many government obstacles.

Prince Khalid al-Faisal, the governor of the Mecca region and chairman of the Hajj Central Committee, said that the number of pilgrims from Qatar was up by 30% and registered at 1,564 pilgrims, compared to 1,210 from last year. (MORE).

Saudi planes have not received permission to land and fetch Qatari pilgrims journeying to Hajj.

It comes despite Saudi King Salman’s command to open the Salwa land border with Qatar for pilgrims to pass through, as well as his decision to transport Qataris for Hajj via air at his own expense.

Al Arabiya

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