Brian Hook, the US State Department’s special representative for Iran, speaks about the creation of the Iran Action Group in Washington, Thursday, August 16, 2018. (AP)

February 21, 2020

U.S. administration announced on Thursday, February 20 that five top members of Iran’s Guardian Council have been sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury. This came one day before parliamentary elections in Iran, as a response to the hardliner Council disqualifying thousands of candidates, barring them from running in the elections.

Shortly after the press briefing, Farda interviewed Brian Hook, U.S. Special Envoy for Iran, and asked what are the reasons the U.S. sanctioned those officials and if these sanctions are symbolic or they will have any practical effects on these members of Iran’s watchdog appointed by the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

The disqualification of candidates is Khamenei’s way of in effect appointing the next parliament, which will be dominated by hardliners loyal to the Supreme Leader.

Radio Farda

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