Eritrea-Iran Foreign Relations

January 17, 2010 NUCLEAR: Eritrea has publicly supported Iran’s nuclear program on several occasions.  In June 2007, Eritrean President Isais Afwerki said that nuclear energy is Iran’s legal right.[1]  In an address to a conference of the Non-Aligned Movement in November 2007, Eritrea supported Iran’s right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes. Eritrean Foreign Minister [...]

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Hezbollah Finances: Funding the Party of God

Members of Lebanon’s Shia Hezbollah movement stand at attention in the southern town of Bisariyeh, last August. (AFP) February 1, 2005 By Matthew Levitt Introduction It is a painful reality that no counterterrorism technique or effort, however extensive, international, or comprehensive, will put an end to terror attacks or uproot terrorism. There will [...]