Tehran plans to lock waste containers to prevent garbage picking

Thousands of children go through the streets of the capital Tehran, to pick through garbage. (Supplied) September 21, 2021 Tehran municipality is planning to put locks on large waste containers in the streets to prevent garbage pickers from accessing waste, a city official told Iran’s ILNA news website on Tuesday. With the rise [...]

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Iran’s media warns of civil disobedience by the middle class

Protesters angry over water shortages marched through streets in an oil-rich, restive province in southwestern Iran, July 16, 2021. (Supplied) September 21, 2021 The situation of Iran’s middle class is becoming day after day more critical, and the people’s toleration is weakening more and more, and the regime’s officials are calling this the [...]

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New state TV chief might ensure influence of Khamenei’s son

Ayatollah Khamenei’s speaks at the Azadi Stadium gathering, Oct 4, 2018. (IRIB) September 21, 2021 Iranian media have been speculating about the imminent appointment of the Iranian state television's new chief since May 2021 when the five-year term of the organization's current chief Abdol Ali Aliaskari came to an end. He was appointed [...]

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Iran commerce chamber chief warns about 57% drop in GDP

Chairman of Iran's Chamber of Commerce, Gholam-Hossein Shafei. (Supplied) September 20, 2021 Gholam-Hossein Shafei, Chairman of Iran's Chamber of Commerce, has warned that the government needs to remove "domestic and international obstacles to production" in the face of a 57 percent drop in GDP, and revise economic policies to stimulate competition and create [...]

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Iran’s oldest and one of largest banks on verge of bankruptcy

Iran’s banks are all directly or indirectly owned by the state or state entities and have suffered from corruption and mismanagement in recent years. (Shutterstock) September 20, 2021 Iran’s Bank Melli, the oldest and one of the biggest banks in the country is on the verge of bankruptcy after losing 675 trillion rials [...]

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Iran museums reopen after year-long COVID-19 break

Staff at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art inspect Picasso’s famous work – Window to Paris. In the background a painting by an Iranian artist of Ayatollah Khomeini is displayed on the wall. (Getty) September 20, 2021 Iran reopened museums in Tehran and other cities Sunday after a more than year-long closure because of [...]

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Two killed in gas pipeline blast in Iran

Firefighers are seen at the scene of the gas pipeline explosion in the Southwestern province of Khuzestan, March 14, 2019. (Reuters) September 20, 2021 Two people were killed when a gas pipeline exploded in the Iranian city of Hoveyzeh, west of Ahwaz, Al Arabiya reported on Sunday citing Iranian sources. No further details [...]

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Iran appoints new air force commander

Russian-made Sukhoi fighter jets, above, are part of Iran’s air force drill near the Strait of Hormuz in the Gulf, undated. (AFP) September 20, 2021 Iran’s top leader has appointed a pilot of Russian fighter jets to command the nation’s air force, state television reported Sunday. It said Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s [...]

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Iran nuclear chief wants to speed up conversion of Arak heavy water reactor

Iran's Arak's IR-40 Heavy water reactor. (AFP) September 18, 2021 The new head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran has said he wants to speed up the conversion of the country’s Arak heavy water reactor into a research facility. Under a 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, the Islamic republic [...]

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Amnesty demands immediate release of dissident Iranian rapper

Iran earlier this week arrested Iran-based rapper Toomaj Salehi, who openly criticizes the regime. (Screengrab) September 18, 2021 Amnesty International on Friday demanded the immediate release of Iranian dissident, underground rap singer Toomaj Salehi who was arrested by security agents earlier this week after a harshly critical song was released on social media. [...]

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