Iran votes in presidential poll tipped in hard-liner’s favor

Voters cast their ballots for the presidential election at a polling station in Tehran, Iran, Friday, June 18, 2021. (AP) June 18, 2021 Iranians voted Friday in a presidential election that a hard-line protege of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei seemed likely to win, leading to low turnout fueled by apathy and calls [...]

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The convicted cleric: Meet Iran’s longest-serving secret negotiator

Mohammad Ali Hadi Najafabadi during court hearings of Bank Sarmayeh corruption case. (IRNA) By Daniel Keyvanfer June 18, 2021 Many Iranians were surprised to see Mohammad Ali Hadi Najafabadi, a clergyman who no longer wears clerical garb, sitting among the defendants in the multi-billion dollar Bank Sarmayeh corruption case. Few knew that Iran’s former [...]

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A silent catastrophe: Forests burning across Iran

Wildfires continue in part of Karkheh Forest in Khuzestan province’s Shush county for the fourth day in a row. (Supplied) By Parvaneh Masoumi June 18, 2021 Wildfires continue in part of Karkheh Forest in Khuzestan province’s Shush county for the fourth day in a row. The blaze was briefly contained but then on [...]

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Prominent human rights defenders stopped, insulted and beaten in Iran

Narges Mohammadi is one of Iran's best-known journalists and a defender of women's rights. (AFP) June 18, 2021 Prominent Iranian human rights defender Nargess Mohammadi in an audio message received by Iran International Thursday reported that intelligence ministry agents stopped the vehicles of several activists traveling to meet the family of a detained [...]

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Child-abuse plaintiff alleges Iran’s Raisi ignored prosecutor’s call for action

Saeed Toosi has reportedly raped seven of his students aged between 12 ad 14, during the past seven years. (Archives) June 18, 2021 A plaintiff in a long-running child abuse scandal involving an award-winning Quran reciter has charged leading presidential candidate Ebrahim Raisi of ignoring the case as chief justice. The scandal goes [...]

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Iran Supreme Leader casts first ballot in presidential election

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei wears a face mask as he casts his ballot on June 18, 2021, on the day of the Islamic republic’s presidential election. (AFP) June 18, 2021 Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei cast his ballot in Tehran Friday for the presidential election, officially opening the polls, an AFP [...]

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Why is Khamenei still calling on people to vote?

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. (ISNA) By Faramarz Davar June 17, 2021 Recent surveys have indicated that turnout at the Islamic Republic’s 13th presidential election is set to be the lowest on record. In a bid to put a gloss on this, a spokesperson for the Guardian Council has already said that [...]

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Dispatch from Tehran: A roaring trade in the city of the dead

A cemetery worker prepares new graves at the Behesht-e-Zahra cemetery on the outskirts of the Iranian capital, Tehran, Nov. 1, 2020. (AP) June 17, 2021 For three or five days, the smell of flowers did not come, the sound of nightingales did not come…" The musician plays this piece so sadly on his ney, [...]

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Iran’s 8th in world misery index

An Iranian boy pushes a cart filled with recyclable materials in south of Tehran on March 12, 2008. (AFP) June 17, 2021 Iran under the mullahs is the eight-worst in the world for misery, according to Johns Hopkins economics professor Steve Hanke in a recent interview with the country’s state-run ISNA news agency. [...]

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The plight of female street vendors in Iran

Female peddlers are working long hours for little money, but they are desperate to make ends meet through any means as rent and food prices soar. (Supplied) June 17, 2021 Female street vendors are facing harassment – physical, sexual, and psychological – and violence every day on the metro in Tehran because of [...]

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