Child bride sets herself on fire in Iran due to spousal abuse

A cropped version of a photo which went viral on social media in Iran shows the marriage of a 9-year old girl with a young man in his 20s. (Video grab) March 5, 2022 A teenage girl who was a victim of child marriage set herself on fire in southeastern Iran due to [...]

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Iran says data center fire causes internet disruption

A man holds a smartphone connected to a Wifi network without internet access at an office in the Iranian capital Tehran on Nov 17, 2019. (AFP) March 4, 2022 A fire in a government data center caused internet disruption for many users in Iran on Friday, an official said on Twitter. Mahdi Salem, [...]

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Pundit in Tehran says if there is no nuclear deal riots will follow

Iranian police stand guard during a protest gathering in Tehran on July 11, 2009. (Reuters) March 4, 2022 While negotiators in Vienna discuss the final details of a nuclear agreement, politicians and pundits in Tehran are still not sure whether there will be a deal. An ultraconservative lawmaker even insisted on Thursday that [...]

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Iranian judiciary pressed to release outspoken human rights lawyer

Mohammad Najafi was sentenced to another two years in prison for “spreading lies” in connection with an open letter he wrote to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. (Supplied) March 4, 2022 The Center for Human Rights in Iran and Netherlands-based NGO Lawyers for Lawyers have issued a joint call for the immediate release of Iranian human [...]

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Report details sickening abuse of children in women’s prisons

Female prison inmates in Iran can keep their children with them until the age of two. (Supplied) By Samaneh Ghadarkhan March 4, 2022 “Traces of cigarette burns can be clearly observed on the hands, the feet and the genitals of the eight-year-old girl. They were inflicted by her mother when she noticed the [...]

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Iran’s internet penetration rate has reached 122%

A computer engineer checks equipment at an internet service provider in Tehran, February 15, 2017. (Supplied) March 4, 2022 Despite widespread censorship, a report by the Iran’s state-run news agency IRNA says the internet penetration rate has surpassed 122 percent in the country. The agency said on Thursday that according to the latest [...]

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Iran releases activist who opposed Internet control bill

Hossein Ronaghi is an Iranian blogger and internet freedom activist. (Supplied) March 3, 2022 Iranian authorities have released on bail an activist who was jailed for criticizing proposed legislation to further police Iran’s already-censored Internet, his family said. Hossein Ronaghi, a blogger and free-speech activist, disappeared on Feb. 23 after criticizing the “Users [...]

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Iranian president’s six-month record marks unfulfilled promises

Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi speaks during a ceremony to mark the 43rd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Tehran, Iran. Feb 10, 2022. (Reuters) March 3, 2022 Media outlets in Tehran gave low grades to President Ebrahim Raisi at the end of his three months in office and now they are scrutinizing his [...]

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UN nuclear watchdog will ‘never abandon’ Iran probe

Director General of IAEA Rafael Grossi addresses the media during a news conference the International Center in Vienna, June 7, 2021. (AP) March 2, 2022 The head of the UN nuclear watchdog said Wednesday that it would “never abandon” its attempts to get Iran to clarify the previous presence of nuclear material at [...]

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Study reveals deep divides in student aspirations in Tehran and Zahedan

Students sit at their classroom after the opening ceremony of the Hashtroudi school in Tehran, Iran on Sept. 5, 2020. (AP) By Behnam Gholipour March 2, 2022 The latest issue of Iranian quarterly Education featured a revealing study on Iranian high school students’ plans on completing their studies in two highly distinct parts of Iran. [...]

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