Iran’s hard-liners push to prosecute Rouhani

Former Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. (Reuters) October 14, 2021 An influential committee in Iran's hard-line parliament submitted a concluded investigation and formal lawsuit to the judiciary demanding former President Hassan Rouhani be put on trial. The parliamentarians advancing the complaint argued their probe had established Rouhani's misconduct and failure to honor his presidential duties during [...]

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‘Protectors’ cramp Iranian female footballers’ style in Tashkent

The presence of the “protectors” was heavily felt in a series of incidents that occurred while they were away. (IranWire) October 13, 2021 For most of the four decades since the Islamic Republic was founded, Iranian sportswomen and female athletes have stepped into international arenas flanked by a shadowy presence: one or more [...]

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Execution looms in Iran of juvenile offender after ‘grossly unfair’ trial

Arman Abdolali (right) and his girlfriend. (Supplied) October 13, 2021 Rights campaigners are watching Iran anxiously as the scheduled execution looms on October 13 of a man arrested at aged 17 and sentenced to death following what they regard as a "grossly unfair" trial. Amnesty International publicly urged Iranian authorities this week to stop the execution [...]

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Iranian women upset over football game played behind closed doors

The game finished in a 1-1 draw, with Iran equalizing late with a header from Alireza Jahanabkhsh to stay top of the group. (IranWire) October 13, 2021 Tuesday’s World Cup qualifier between Iran and South Korea in Tehran was played without fans, thwarting women after earlier notice that they would be admitted. After [...]

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With region on edge, Iran kicks off annual air defense drill

Russian-made Sukhoi fighter jets, part of Iran’s air force drill near the Strait of Hormuz, undated (AFP) October 13, 2021 Iran on Tuesday kicked off a massive, two-day air defense drill in the country’s sprawling central desert, state TV reported, the latest show of force by the Islamic Republic. The report said both [...]

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Furloughed Iran activist ‘abducted’ by 30 security agents, brother says

Civil rights activist and journalist Sepideh Qolian. (Supplied) October 12, 2021 The brother of Iranian activist-cum-citizens’ journalist Sepideh Gholian reported Monday that his sister, on prison furlough, had been arrested at her home. "A few minutes ago over thirty female and male agents attacked Sepideh Gholian's house, abducted her and took her to [...]

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Two Iranian journalists summoned for publishing news of child rape

The judiciary in Iran is reluctant to disclose statistics on child rape cases. (Supplied) By Amir Hossein Miresmaeili October 12, 2021 Two local journalists in the city of Paveh in Kermanshah province have been detained by the city’s intelligence department for publishing news of the rape of a seven-year-old girl. Earlier, the human [...]

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Rights group urges Iran to halt execution of man arrested when he was 17

Iranians and supporters of the Iranian oppositions condemned the executions committed by the Iranian regime. (Supplied) October 12, 2021 Amnesty International appealed on Monday for Iran to stop the planned execution of a man arrested when he was aged 17 and sentenced to death in a “grossly unfair trial.” Arman Abdolali had been [...]

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Tehran man sentenced to blinding in ‘eye for an eye’ punishment

Iran court- those convicted of violent crimes can be subjected to retaliation in kind – or quite literally, “an eye for an eye”. (Supplied) October 12, 2021 A 45-year-old man in Tehran province has been sentenced to blinding, Mashreq News reports. The punishment was handed down in accordance with the Iranian legal principle [...]

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Excessive water extraction sinks land, threatens historic Esfahan

The problem of land subsidence in Esfahan has been exacerbated by recurrent droughts in recent decades and the use of underground water and rivers by agriculture and industries. (Supplied) October 12, 2021 Extraction of underground water around Esfahan, which Iranians call "half the world," is threatening the city's historical monuments and international airport. [...]

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