Iran’s honeytrap for Ali Javanmardi in Iraq

Samira Morad-Pour (R), along with an Iranian intelligence team, planned to kidnap or assassinate Ali Javanmardi (L). (INU) April 5, 2021 “A court in the Iraqi Kurdish-state of Erbil sentenced Samira Morad-Pour, a female terrorist of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), to five years in prison for attempting to assassinate Ali [...]

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US places Iraq’s independence from Iran among its priorities

Iraqi Shia militiamen hold portraits of Iran's late leader Khomeini (C), Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei (L), and Iraq's top Shia cleric Ali al-Sistani during a parade in Baghdad. (Reuters) April 3, 2021 The United States has announced its desire for Iraq to be independent from Iran, with regard to self-sufficiency in energy and [...]

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‘Worse than a jungle’: Iran-backed cartel controls Iraqi borders

At Iraq's borders, a customs-evasion cartel is diverting billions of dollars away from state coffers, an AFP investigation has found. (AFP) April 1, 2021 Along Iraq's borders, a corrupt customs-evasion cartel is diverting billions of dollars away from state coffers to line the pockets of armed groups, political parties and crooked officials. The [...]

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U.S. grants 120-day waiver for Iraq to pay for electricity from Iran

The waiver ensures that Iraq is able to meet its short-term energy needs. (Getty) March 31, 2021 The United States has renewed a waiver allowing Iraq to pay for electricity imported from Iran, this time giving Baghdad 120 days to reduce its energy dependence on neighboring Tehran, a State Department spokesman said on [...]

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A growing challenge for Iraq: Iran-aligned Shiite militias

Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces march as they hold their flag and posters of Iraqi and Iranian Shiites spiritual leaders during "al-Quds" or Jerusalem Day, in Baghdad, June 8, 2018. (AP) March 31, 2021 It was a stark message: A convoy of masked Shiite militiamen, armed with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades, drove openly [...]

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Divisions among Iran’s proxies in Iraq reflect Tehran is losing control

A poster shows the faces of Khamenei, Qassem Soleimani, Ayatollah Khomeini and Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes, in Baghdad, Iraq, May 20, 2020. (Twitter) By Track Persia March 30, 2021 For more than a decade and a half, Tehran has built a powerful network of political, religious and Shi’ite militant groups to increase its influence [...]

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U.S. seizes Iran-backed militia websites spreading COVID disinformation

The US Department of Justice seized a website affiliated with an Iranian-backed Shi'ite militia group. (Screengrab) By David Brennan March 30, 2021 The Department of Justice has taken down two websites used by the Iraqi Shi'ite militia group Kata'ib Hezbollah, an ally of Iran that regularly launches attacks against American and allies targets [...]

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Analysis: Iraqis are getting fed up with Iran

Iraqi protesters burning Iranian flag during a demonstration in Karbala, Nov 6, 2019. (AP) March 29, 2021 Astain on Iraq’s sovereignty.” That is how an Iraqi army officer describes the billboard glorifying Qassem Soleimani, an Iranian commander who was killed in an American airstrike on Iraqi soil in January 2020. The hoarding looms [...]

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Pirates hijack Iraqi ship stranded off Iranian coast

Trading dhows and ships are docked on the Gulf waters. (AP) March 22, 2021 Pirates have hijacked an Iraqi ship that was stranded outside the country’s waters and took it to an unknown location, the MP for the Basra governorate said on Sunday. Kadhim Finjan Al-Hammami said he received “authenticated pleas from the [...]

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Turkey and Iran’s power struggle in Iraq

Iran’s ambassador to Iraq Brigadier General Iraj Masjedi. (Tasnim) March 17, 2021 The regional hegemonic powers clearly set out to attack Iraq’s sovereignty and national dignity. The zero-sum game between Iran and Turkey over influence in Iraq is no longer so surprising. But it raises serious questions about the Arab position on what [...]

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