President Biden orders airstrike against Iran-backed militia in Syria following rocket attacks against US forces in Iraq

Gen. Lloyd Austin answers questions during his confirmation before the Senate Armed Services Committee in Washington, U.S. Jan 19, 2021. (REUTERS) February 26, 2021 The United States launched airstrikes in Syria on Thursday, targeting facilities near the Iraqi border used by Iranian-backed militia groups. The Pentagon said the strikes were retaliation for a [...]

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HRW lauds Iraqi arrest of alleged members of Iran-backed force

Mourners carry the coffin of an Iraqi civil activist who was killed by an Iran-backed militia in Kerbala, Iraq, Dec 9, 2019. (Reuters) February 25, 2021 Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Wednesday welcomed the arrest in Iraq of four alleged members of the Iran-backed Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF). The four men are under [...]

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Biden should know that if left unchallenged, the attacks of Iran’s proxies will certainly continue

This Feb. 22, 2021 photo shows destroyed vehicles as a result of the rocket attack on Baghdad's Green Zone. (Supplied) By Track Persia February 24, 2021 Two rockets landed in Baghdad’s Green Zone housing foreign embassies on Monday evening. According to Iraqi security sources, a third rocket fell just west of the Green [...]

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U.S. says it won’t ‘lash out’ after blaming Iran for rocket attack on U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

Iraqi security forces are deployed in front of the US embassy in the capital Baghdad on January 1, 2020. (AFP) February 23, 2021 A State Department spokesman has said the United States will hold Iran "responsible" for a rocket barrage on February 22 that targeted the U.S. Embassy in the Iraqi capital. But [...]

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Iran closes Iraq border points to stem spread of coronavirus variant

A member of medical team checks the body temperature of an Iraqi man upon arrival from Iran, east of Basra city, Febr 20, 2020. (EPA-EFE) February 22, 2021 Iran closed several crossing points with Iraq on Saturday in an effort to stem the spread of a mutant variant of coronavirus which the Iranian [...]

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Iran’s use of Iraq as a missile base: Threats and logistics

General Hossein Salami visits an underground missile site of Iran's IRGC at an undisclosed location in the Gulf, Jan 8, 2021. (REUTERS) February 20, 2021 Iran could move up to 200 long-range missiles to Iraq, a report noted earlier this week, a move that would be designed to put in place missiles that could [...]

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America’s return to nuclear deal complicated by Iran’s ultimatum and attack in Iraq

p Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Iraqi PM Mustafa al-Kadhimi walk during a welcome ceremony in Tehran, July 21 2020. (Reuters) February 18, 2021 President Hassan Rouhani has announced that if the United States returns to the nuclear deal, Iran will reinstate its adherence to the terms of the agreement, taking its lead from the [...]

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Iran’s meddling must be tackled before Iraq elections, U.S. tells U.N.

An Iraqi protester waves the national flag during a demonstration against state corruption, failing public services and unemployment, Oct 3, 2019. (AFP) February 16, 2021 The United States said on Tuesday that creating a conducive environment for elections in Iraq later this year includes tackling Iran-backed militias, Iran’s destabilizing activities in the country [...]

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Iran denies links to group behind attack on Iraq’s Erbil

Broken glass is seen at a building after an attack on Erbil airport, Feb 15, 2021. (Reuters) February 16, 2021 Iran denied on Tuesday statements by some Iraqi officials that it has links to the Saraya Awliya al-Dam group, which claimed responsibility for the deadly attack in Erbil. A civilian contractor was killed and [...]

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Why the Chameleon-like Moqtada al-Sadr allied with Tehran targeting Iraqi activists?

Former Qods Force commander Qassem Soleimani (R), Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei (L), and Iraqi Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr (C) in Tehran, Sept. 10, 2019. (EPA-EFE) By Trackpersia February 15, 2021 Monday and Tuesday, Iraq’s major cities such as the capital Baghdad and southern Shiite cities of Karbala and Najaf witnessed the deployment [...]

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