Iran receives Palestine’s Islamic Jihad

December 12, 2016 Meeting in Tehran between the head of the Palestinian jihadi group Islamic Jihad, Ramadan Shalah and the Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani. Ramadan Shalah not only praised the Iranian support to the Palestinian cause, but also attacked the Arab states who are working to contrast Iran. For his part, [...]

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Iran’s Quds forces chief: Iranian Basij paramilitary forces exporting Iranian Revolution and Iran’s flag would fly over Lebanon and Palestine

Commander of IRGC Quds Forces Maj. Gen. Ghassem Soleimani. (MNA) November 23, 2016 Commander of IRGC Quds Forces Maj. Gen. Ghassem Soleimani has said undermining Basij achievements is an unpardonable sin. Soleimani who was addressing the 3rd Basij commanders meeting held just ahead of Basij Week on Wednesday, believed that in a world [...]

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Palestinian security: Hezbollah caught in West Bank recruitment efforts

October 24, 2016 Hezbollah has continued its recruitment efforts in the West Bank, a Palestinian security official told Breitbart Jerusalem in the wake of a massive raid early on Friday in a restive refugee camp near Nablus. The official reason for the raid on the camp of Balata was to collect illegal weapons and bring [...]

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Islamic Jihad leader praises Iran

Islamic Jihad rally in Gaza. (Reuters) October 23, 2016 The Islamic Jihad movement staged a public show of force in Gaza on Friday, with its leader praising Iran and criticizing Arab states. Thousands of supporters, including fighters from the group’s Al-Quds Brigades “military wing”, took part in the event, reported the AFP news [...]

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Proxies and politics: Why Iran funds foreign militias

October 6, 2016 Karim El-Bar In wake of Arab Spring, Iran's backing of foreign militias has drawn much attention. Why is this support so central to Iranian foreign policy? At a military parade commemorating the 36th anniversary of the Iran-Iraq War, the chief of the Iranian armed forces spoke clearly and bluntly. Tehran holds sway over [...]

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Hamas representative meets with Iranian officials in Beirut

Hamas representative, Ali Baraka, at the Iranian Embassy in Beirut. (Photo: via Ma'an) September 4, 2016 Hamas representative in Lebanon, Ali Baraka, welcomed a diplomatic delegation from Iran at the Iranian Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon. Mohammad Majedi, the head consul at the Iranian Embassy and the head of the department of political relations, [...]

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Shin Bet expects renewed attacks in Israeli cities, accuses Hezbollah and Hamas

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the weekly cabinet meeting at his Jerusalem office on March 13, 2016. AFP August 20, 2016 The office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has issued a statement released by Shin Bet security service announcing a possible return of bombings to Israeli cities and accusing Lebanon’s so-called [...]

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Israel arrests Palestinians ‘recruited by Hezbollah’ via Facebook

Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasarullah. (Reuters) August 17, 2016 Israel’s Shin Bet security service announced Tuesday it has arrested a network of Palestinians allegedly recruited via Facebook by Lebanon’s militant Hezbollah movement to attack Israelis. “Along with the orders to carry out shooting attacks and suicide bombings against Israeli targets, the agents were [...]

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Iranian official accuses Palestinian president Abbas of being CIA collaborator

August 2, 2016 Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), an Iranian diaspora opposition group, met in Paris on Saturday, renewing tensions between the Palestinian leadership and Iran. Abbas hosted Rajavi at his hotel and updated her on the latest developments in the Palestinian territories [...]

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Iran official harshly criticizes meeting between Abbas and Iranian opposition leader

Hossein Sheikholeslam, an adviser to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. (Press TV) August 1, 2016   An adviser to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has harshly criticized the recent meeting between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and an Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi . Iran's Press TV quotes Hossein Sheikholeslam as saying that the meeting [...]

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