Hezbollah-linked migrants in West Africa suspected of drug trafficking

seized containers in Dakar's storage area 0.5 kilometres from Dakar's Port Autonome. (Track Persia) Track Persia - November 27, 2017 “When it comes to drugs, we see a lot of people importing them. They come stocked in cars and other forms. Only the higher-ups who take care of it. I’ve seen a lot [...]

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The growing influence of Iran’s Shi’ism in the Sunni Senegal

President of the Superior Council of Shi’its in Senegal, Cherif Mballo . (Track Persia) Track Persia - May 30, 2017 Five times a day the call to prayer echoes around Dakar. Thousands of men and women migrate to the nearest mosque wearing largely printed boubous and multicolored scarves. Adulations are done in unison, [...]

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Senegalese students get frustrated with learning Iranian culture and language in their country

Meissa Diop, president of the Persian language Students Association and third year student at the Persian language and culture department at Dakar’s University Chiekh Anta Diop in an interview with Track Persia. (Track Persia) Track Persia - May 12, 2017 In Senegal, Iran has held a presence since 1972. Despite multiple ruptures between [...]

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A scaring situation as Hezbollah, al Qaida Lebanese connection roams West Africa and Latin America with billions

November 9, 2016 What seems to be a scaring situation is slowly crawling on the West Coast of Africa, with classified information that billions of United Dollars are being circulated by al Qaida and Hezbollah operatives with the intent to win support among leaders of some West African States. A report featured by the Pulitzer [...]

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Senegalese people fear growing Lebanese businesses suspected to have links to Hezbollah and Iran

A shoe store owned by a Lebanese woman in Dakar. (Track Persia) Track Persia, September 16, 2016 By Mel Bailey Dakar’s downtown district, Plateau, bustles with hand-pushed carts, public transport vehicles, taxis and pedestrians treading through the streets. On most days, the commotion gives way to a cacophony of sound: an urban mix of [...]

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Iran’s influence in Senegal takes various facets

The Iranian Cultural Center in Dakar features different activities for those interested in the Iranian culture or Shi’i Islamic studies. (Mel Bailey/Track Persia) August 16, 2016 By Mel Bailey Iran’s influence in Senegal has started since 1971, when Iran opened its embassy in Dakar. In 2006 after years of ups and downs in [...]

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Iran’s Zarif to set off for West Africa

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif waves after a meeting at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France, June 10, 2016. (REUTERS) July 24, 2016 Iran's sponsored Press TV reported that Zarif will leave Tehran on Sunday at the head of a politico-economic delegation for a six-day visit. Zarif is reported that he plans [...]

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Iran and Hezbollah’s Exploitation of Africa

  Hezbollah supporters carry portraits of the founder of Iran’s Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (left), and supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, as they march in the southern Lebanese town of Kfar Hatta on March 18. (AFP) June 18, 2016 Leveraging the Lebanese Diaspora Much of the Lebanese diaspora business community in Africa [...]

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Iran’s Other Shadow War Is in Africa

The U.S. Navy patrol in the Arabian Sea, picture was taken on Jan 14, 2015. U.S. Navy. (Reuters) 2 May 2016 The Cyclone-class patrol ship USS Sirocco closed in on a small boat in the Arabian Sea. After boarding, the American warship’s sailors discovered hundreds of Kalashnikov assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenade launchers. [...]

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Rouhani stresses Iran-Senegal security coop. in N Africa

April 16, 2016 In his meeting with Senegalese President on the sidelines of the 13th summit of OIC in Istanbul, President Rouhani stressed Tehran-Dakar cooperation on international issues, such as security consultations over ME and North Africa. “Expanding all-out relations with African countries is of high significance for the Islamic Republic of Iran and for [...]

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