Drones strike Iran-backed militia vehicles near Bukamal on Iraq-Syria border

Iraqi militia members stand by a burning truck after a drone attack blamed on Israel near Qaim border crossing with Syria, in Anbar province, Iraq, Aug 25, 2019. (AP) September 15, 2021 Unidentified drones struck Iranian-backed militia vehicles while they crossed into Syria from Iraq through al-Bukamal, a war monitoring group said on [...]

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Iranian oil pours into Syria from land and sea

People push their cars due to a lack of fuel, near a gas station in Dora, Lebanon, August 17, 2021. (Reuters) September 14, 2021 Iranian oil and its derivatives began to pour into Syria by land, through the Iraqi border in the east, and by sea, from the Mediterranean in the west, amid [...]

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Hezbollah: Iranian tanker bringing fuel to Lebanon in Syria

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah addresses an election rally via video link in a southern suburb of Beirut on April 13, 2018. (AP) September 13, 2021 The leader of the militant Hezbollah group said Monday the first tanker carrying Iranian fuel to Lebanon has arrived in a Syrian port and the diesel will be [...]

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Israel will defend itself against Iran in Syria: Israeli FM

Israeli FM Yair Lapid (left) makes comments to the press alongside his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, in Moscow on Sept 9, 2021. (GPO) September 11, 2021 Israel will continue to defend itself against Iranian actions in Syria, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said in Moscow, following a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, [...]

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Syrian army, Iranian militia enter birthplace of uprising

Syrian regime forces ride a military truck in Eastern Ghouta. (SANA) September 9, 2021 Syrian army troops entered Deraa al Balaad, the birthplace of the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad's rule, for the first time since it lost control over the area a decade ago, residents, the army and former rebels said. Army [...]

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Israeli strikes target pro-Iran groups in Syria

Syrian air defences intercept an Israeli missile in the sky over the Syrian capital Damascus. (AFP) September 3, 2021 Israeli missile strikes hit military positions used by pro-Iran groups near the Syrian capital Damascus overnight, a war monitor said Friday. The strikes on the suburbs of Barzeh and Jamraya “targeted Syrian regime military [...]

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Iranian fuel will be delivered by truck to Lebanon via Syria

Trucks carrying oil in Hassakeh province, Syria, April 2018. (AP) September 2, 2021 The first Iranian fuel oil cargo secured through Lebanon’s armed group Hezbollah will be delivered via Syria by truck to avoid complications related to sanctions, two sources with knowledge of the mater said on Thursday. Hezbollah, a heavily armed group [...]

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Iran FM arrives in Damascus to discuss Baghdad regional summit

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad meets with Iran's FM, Hossein Amir Abdollahian, in Damascus, Syria, August 29, 2021. (REUTERS) August 30, 2021 Damascus has voiced its confidence that good relations with Tehran will continue under President Ebrahim Raisi with the Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad saying ties with its ally are on track to [...]

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Lawmaker says Iran must supply fuel to Syria, Lebanon and Venezuela

Iranian tanker docking at platform of oil facility in the Khark Island on shore of Gulf. (AFP) August 30, 2021 A member of Iran’s parliament energy committee has said on Sunday that the Islamic Republic must supply fuel to allies such as Lebanon, Syria and Venezuela “to protect them from harm.” Hadi Bayginejad [...]

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Iran-backed forces ready to storm last rebel-held area in south Syria

A boy rides a bicycle past a man sitting on rubble of a damaged house in the rebel held historic southern town of Bosra al-Sham, Deraa, Syria Feb 23, 2016. (REUTERS) August 30, 2021 Syria's military bombarded the last rebel enclave in the southern city of Deraa on Sunday, killing at least six [...]

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