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Iran state TV ejects actor for criticizing coronavirus control policy

Amir-Hossein Rostami, Iranian actor, criticized authorities in a live show which was interrupted to censor him. (Twitter) March 18, 2020 The chaotic situation of coronavirus information dissemination in Iran has given rise to many controversies as the performance of Iran's state-run TV has invited criticism by citizens, as well as artists, journalists and [...]

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Iranian singers perform at historic ‘Persian Night’ in Saudi Arabia’s al-Ula

The reason many are calling the two-night event in al-Ula as historic is as many of the Iranian singers taking the stage in Saudi Arabia. (Al Arabiya)  March 6, 2020 Fans were treated to the first of a two-night concert being described as historic on Thursday as Iranian singing legends like Andy and [...]

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Award-winning Iran filmmaker summoned to prison for films

Director Mohammad Rasoulof as he arrives for the Un Certain Regard prize ceremony at the Cannes Film Festival. (AFP) March 5, 2020 An Iranian filmmaker who just won the Berlin Film Festival's Golden Bear has been summoned to serve a one-year prison sentence over his movies, his lawyer said Wednesday. Mohammad Rasoulof's sentence [...]

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Defiant Iranian directors speak out about censorship, onscreen and off

Director Mohammad Rasoulof as he arrives for the Un Certain Regard prize ceremony at the Cannes Film Festival. (AFP) By Sara Aridi March 3, 2020 When “There Is No Evil,” the new drama by the celebrated Iranian director Mohammad Rasoulof, debuted at the Berlin Film Festival on Friday, it was a bittersweet moment for [...]

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Iranian actor shows how to ‘musically’ wash hands to protect against coronavirus

Iranian actor Danial Kheirikhah seen in his video. (Twitter) March 3, 2020 Iranian actor Danial Kheirikhah took to social media to show people how to thoroughly wash their hands as a precaution against the coronavirus. Only, he did it with tongue-in-cheek flare to the rhythm of a high tempo symphony. Iranian actor and [...]

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Iranian director wins top award for film on ethical choice under dictatorship

Director Mohammad Rasoulof as he arrives for the Un Certain Regard prize ceremony at the Cannes Film Festival. (AFP) By Arash Azizi March 2, 2020 Iranian filmmaker Mohammad Rasoulof, who is barred from leaving his country and forced to make his films clandestinely, has been given one of the top awards in the world [...]

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Iranian singers to perform at Winter at Tantora festival in Saudi Arabia

Iranian singers set to perform at Winter of Tantora festival in al-Ula, Saudi Arabia. (Supplied) February 27, 2020 Saudi Arabia’s Winter at Tantora festival will host Iranian singers to perform in “Persian Music Nights”, a two-night event on March 5 and 6, the Royal commission for al-Ula said on Wednesday. The Night of [...]

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Millions of Iranians fear the worst for banned superstar singer

Mohammad Reza Shajarian has been banned from Iranian TV for many years. (Supplied) By Shima Shahrabi February 25, 2020 On the night of Friday, February 21, a group of fans stood outside the hospital for so long that a doctor was forced to come out and speak for a few minutes about the health [...]

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Iran’s Intelligence Ministry makes movies in Europe, trumpets Islamic Republic’s narrative

Iranians arrive at the Mellat Cinema Complex in the capital Tehran during the 37th edition of the Fajr Film Festival, Feb. 3, 2019. (AFP) By Babak Ghafoori Azar February 22, 2020 Several movies screened at the Fajr Film Festival that marked the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran are found to have [...]

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An Iranian-Israeli theater collaboration

My Father Held a Gun, a joint production by Raphael Rodan and Sahand Sahebdivani, on stage at Brussels’ Théâtre National in February. (Supplied) By Mahrokh Gholamhosseinpour February 20, 2020 Last week, Brussels’ Théâtre National staged My Father Held a Gun, a production written and performed by two actors, Iranian Sahand Sahebdivani and Israeli Raphael Rodan. In [...]

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