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Iran’s controversial spy thriller series ‘Gando’ back on TV

A scene from the controversial television series Gando, which is an Iranian alligator species. (Social Media) September 8, 2021 Loathed by Iran’s moderates, television spy series “Gando” with its plots mirroring the headlines has gone back on air since ultra-conservative President Ebrahim Raisi’s election victory. Named after a local species of crocodile known [...]

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Officials panic over ‘abnormal behavior’ at underground gigs in Iran

Some female singers organize underground concerts through friends and acquaintances to free their voices from “house arrest”. (IranWire) By Behnam Gholipour September 8, 2021 In the eyes of Iran’s ruling clerics, music, the arts and youth culture are among the permanent prime suspects in fostering what they perceive to be “deviance” in society, [...]

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‘I saw death, I saw love’: Artist’s secret testament to life in Iran

Hadieh Shafie working in her New York studio in 2021. (ROBERT J FAGAN) By Jenny Valentish August 30, 2021 When Hadieh Shafie needs to stay focused, she plays music by rap and hip-hop band Run-DMC. The process of rolling paper strips in her studio and pulling them outwards into colourful conic spikes, is [...]

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Iranian artists blast ‘illiterate Stalinist’ new Minister of Culture

Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili, the new Iranian Ministry of Culture. (Supplied) By Pouyan Khoshhal August 28, 2021 On Wednesday, August 25, the Iranian parliament gave its vote of confidence to Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili, President Ebrahim Raisi’s pick for the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. Raisi’s choice was greeted with anger and dismay by [...]

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Iranian refugee artist ‘trapped’ in Taliban’s Afghanistan

Dissident artist Homayoon Zarian fled Iran after spending more than a year in jail and ended up living as an asylum seeker in Afghanistan for seven years. (IranWire) By Daniel Dayan August 24, 2021 Asylum law in Afghanistan was never ratified by the Afghan parliament before the Taliban’s takeover in mid-August. The only [...]

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Iran’s art community fears ‘Stalin era’ under Raisi

Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi speaks during his swearing-in ceremony at the Iranian parliament in the capital, Tehran, on Aug. 5, 2021. (AFP) August 20, 2021 Iran "is no Stalin-era Soviet Union," read a statement issued by Iran's National Union of Theater Directors, addressing Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili, the proposed minister of culture in the new administration of hard-line President Ebrahim [...]

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Film directors blame Khamenei for Iran’s COVID death-toll

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei wearing a protective face mask, attends a meeting in Tehran, April 14, 2021. (AP) August 14, 2021 Two leading Iranian filmmakers, Jafar Panahi and Mohammad Rasoulof, have published a video featuring clips of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei speaking on the Covid-19 pandemic, including his ban on United States and British-made [...]

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Why Iranian celebrities took a break from politics

Iranian actor Shahab Hosseini talks on stage after being awarded the Best Actor prize at the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival in Palais, May 22, 2016. (Getty) July 10, 2021 Celebrities have traditionally played an important role in Iran’s political sphere, calling on their supporters to vote for their favored candidates. But things [...]

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The Islamic Republic’s assassin of intellectuals now languishes in prison

In the film, Khosro is a low-ranking employee of the Ministry of Intelligence whose mission is to kill intellectuals and writers. (IranWire) By Daniel Keyvanfer June 26, 2021 The story Manuscripts Do Not Burn, by Mohammad Rasulov, begins with a murder by Khosro, a low-ranking employee of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence, whose mission it [...]

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Erratic censorship of instruments confounding musicians in Iran

Street musicians in Iran. Undated. (Supplied) By Pouyan Khoshhal June 17, 2021 For years, countless Iranian singers, pieces of music in live performances, female musicians and even music-themed broadcasts by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and other official departments have been scrubbed in Iran for no apparent reason. The censorship of images is [...]

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