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New film ‘Nasrin’ tells story of hero who stood up to the Iranian regime

A banner of jailed Iranian lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh is seen on the headquarters of the French National Bar Council, demanding her release, March 28, 2019. (Reuters) By Ray Hanania December 16, 2020 It is one thing to criticize the brutality of the Iranian regime from outside of the country; it is quite another to [...]

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A new official study of celebrities as security threats in Iran

The endlessly “direct and harsh confrontation” of the political system with celebrities, the report stated, “has turned the cultural into political”. (IranWire) By Behnam Gholipour December 8, 2020 The Islamic Republic of Iran has generally viewed celebrity stardom in the context of how it can be restricted as a security concern. Over time, however, [...]

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“We are the toys”: Iranian rapper in exile tells of banking and passport woes

Rapper Justina was forced to leave Iran and spent two years in Georgia before recently moving to Sweden. (Social Media) By Aida Ghajar December 2, 2020 Many Iranian citizens have been reluctant to leave their country but felt compelled to do so for various reasons, including professional restrictions. Those who are forced to emigrate [...]

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A Baha’i Iranian artist addresses persecution in paintings

Safajoo left Iran in 2012 and later settled in the United States; in 2016. (IranWire) November 28, 2020 Maryam Safajoo, an artist, born in Tehran, Iran, in 1986, uses her work to depict the many forms of persecution faced by the Baha'i religious minority in Iran. Safajoo, a Baha'i herself, now lives in Champaign, Illinois, [...]

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Kambuzia Partovi, Iranian film writer-director, dies of COVID-19

Partovi died in Tehran's Dey hospital aged 64, the Farabi Foundation said in a message of condolence on its website. (AFP) November 24, 2020 Movie director Kambuzia Partovi, who scripted the only Iranian film to win a Golden Lion in Venice, died on Tuesday of the novel coronavirus, the Islamic republic’s film body [...]

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Iranian actress Reyhaneh Parsa threatened in Turkey

Iranian actress Reyhaneh Parsa, undated. (Supplied) November 10, 2020 In an exclusive interview with Radio Farda, a young Iranian actress revealed that Iranian intelligence agents have threatened her with possible arrest and extradition 22-year-old Reyhaneh Parsa, a rising star in Iranian cinema, theater, and television in the past two years, left her homeland [...]

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Female Iranian filmmaker jailed since 2018 sentenced to 10 years in prison

Iranian filmmaker Maryam Ebrahimvand, undated. (VOA) November 9, 2020 An Iranian filmmaker jailed since 2018 for her work and criticism of the government has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after going on a hunger strike and attempting suicide in recent months in response to her predicament, according to a knowledgeable source. [...]

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Iran’s #MeToo movement makes waves in Toronto as calls mount for festival to cut ties with celebrated artist

Aydin Aghdashloo, an internationally acclaimed artist with ties to the ruling elite, faces accusations of sexual misconduct over a 30-year span. (Social Media) By Shanifa Nasser November 05, 2020 Accusations of sexual assault against one of Iran's most celebrated visual artists are making waves in Toronto's Iranian community — with many saying they represent [...]

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Iranian drag queen Amir Vashtani’s life gets documentary treatment

A scene of an Iranian movie "Khoraman" directed by Arash Eshaghi. (Supplied) October 31, 2020 The life story of a man who built his entire life and world on dancing in women's clothing is getting the cinematic treatment. Although it is not illegal to dance in Iran the vague laws around "indecent" acts [...]

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Shajarian’s memorial destroyed in Mashhad

Mohammad Reza Shajarian memorial carved in Mashhad Mellat Park. (Twitter) October 28, 2020 The trunk of a tree in Mashhad Mellat Park, on which a young artist had carved a portrait of the late legendary vocalist, Mohammad Reza Shajarian, has been cut down. A local journalist, Farzaneh Ebrahimzadeh, posted photos of the trunk on [...]

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