Iranian-backed group in Bahrain celebrates anniversary of deadly bombing

A 2016 file picture shows the burned-out wreckage of a police vehicle in Karbabad village in Bahrain. (AP) By Caleb Weiss April 9, 2020 In a video recently released online, the Iranian-backed Saraya al Ashtar group celebrated the anniversary of one of its largest attacks in Bahrain. The production also aired on Iraq’s Al Ebaa [...]

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Bahrain announces 241 confirmed cases came from Iran

A general view of the Bahraini capital Manama. (AFP) April 2, 2020 Bahrain announced 241 of the confirmed coronavirus cases in the Kingdom came from Iran, according to the health ministry. Last month, Bahrain accused Iran of “biological aggression” by covering up the spread of the coronavirus and failing to stamp the passports [...]

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Hundreds of Bahrainis stuck in Iran as evacuation plans stall

A commuter looks through a water-stained window wearing a mask and gloves to help guard against the Coronavirus, on a public bus in downtown Tehran, Iran, Sunday, Feb. 23, 2020. (AP) March 19, 2020 Hundreds of Bahraini pilgrims are stranded in Iran, epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak in the Middle East, as Bahrain [...]

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Bahrain accuses Iran of ‘biological aggression’ for coronavirus cover up

An Iranian child wearing face mask walks on a street of Tehran, February 26, 2020. (EPA-EFE) March 12, 2020 Bahrain accused Iran on Thursday of “biological aggression” by covering up the spread of the new coronavirus and failing to stamp the passports of Bahraini travelers, as other Gulf Arab states boosted measures to [...]

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77 of 165 Bahrain citizens evacuated from Iran test positive for coronavirus

Iranian women wearing protective masks walk in a street in the capital Tehran on February 20,2020. (AFP) March 11, 2020 A total of 77 Bahrain citizens evacuated from Iran tested positive for coronavirus, the health ministry said on Wednesday, bringing the total to 189. Bahrain Ministry of Health evacuated 165 citizens from coronavirus-hit [...]

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Bahrain brings charges in vast money laundering case linked to Iranian state-owned banks

According to OFAC, Bank Melli is designated for sanctions for assisting in, sponsoring, or providing financial, material, or technological support for the IRGC. (AP) February 14, 2020 Bahrain launched legal proceedings on Thursday against a number of individuals and businesses involved in a vast money laundering scheme linked to state-owned Iranian banks. The [...]

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Iran-backed Popular Mobilization Forces leader threatens attacks on Saudi, UAE, Bahraini embassies

Iran-backed Iraqi protesters use a plumbing pipe to break the bullet-proof glass of the US embassy's windows in Baghdad, Dec. 31, 2019. (AFP) January 1, 2020 Secretary-General of the Iraqi Kataib Sayyid al-Shuhada (KSS), a branch of the Iran-backed Popular Mobilization Forces, has threatened attacks on the embassies of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, [...]

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How Iran supplies militant bomb factories in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain

A Bahraini forensic police officer inspects the site of a bomb blast in the village of Sitra, south of Manama in 2017. (AFP) December 18, 2019 Bomb parts seized by security forces in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain match explosives supplied by Iran to Houthi militias in Yemen, a new report reveals. The electrical [...]

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Bahraini militia backed by Iran reemerges to threaten new attacks

Photo released by Iranian media. From top left: Founder of Islamic Republic Ayatollah Khomeini, Bahraini Shiite Sheikh Isa Qasim, Iran Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. (LWJ) November 4, 2019 Katibat al Haydariyah, a small militia within the pro-Iran “Islamic Resistance” branding of Bahraini opposition groups, has reemerged on social media to threaten new attacks [...]

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Why is Bahrain targeted by Iran’s domination policy?

The shadow of a woman is cast on a wall of Al-Fateh Grand Mosque as she arrives holding a Bahraini flag at a pro-government rally in Manama February 21, 2012. (REUTERS) By Track Perisa August 15, 2019 For centuries Iran has been seen as a nation that has a desire to be a [...]

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