All you need to know about Iran-based Bahraini militant leader blacklisted by US

The leader of the Bahraini Shia militia, Al-Ashtar Brigades, Qasim Abdullah Ali Ahmad, known by Qasim al-Muame, has recruited terrorists in Bahrain to carry out attacks against the Bahraini government. (Supplied) August 15, 2018 Media affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), appeared to be angered by the US State Department decision [...]

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Iranian designated ‘global terrorist’ by US for subversive activities in Bahrain

Qassim Abdullah Ali Ahmed is a leader of the Al-Ashtar Brigade (AAB), a group which the US has labelled a “Foreign Terrorist Organization". (Supplied) August 14, 2018 The US Department of State designated Iran-based Qassim Abdullah Ali Ahmed as a global terrorist on Monday, according to a statement. Also known as Qassim Al-Muamen, [...]

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US slaps terror designation on Iran-linked group in Bahrain

The militant group has claimed responsibility for a number of bombings and attacks in Bahrain, including two that killed police. (Reuters) July 11, 2018 The United States designated a Shiite militant group in Bahrain as a foreign terrorist organization Tuesday to ramp up pressure on Iran. The al-Ashtar Brigades are “yet another in [...]

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Bahraini militia sends condolences to Hezbollah Brigades, adopts more IRGC branding

Saraya al Mokhtar’s new logo, which more clearly adheres to Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps branding. (LWJ) By Caleb Weiss June 21, 2018 Saraya al Mokhtar, a Bahraini Shia militia linked to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), released a message today sending its condolences to the Iraqi IRGC proxy, the Hezbollah Brigades. The [...]

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For travelling to Iraq and Iran for weapons and explosives training, Bahrain sentences 24 Shiites to jail, revokes nationality

A Bahraini forensic police officer inspects the site of a bomb blast in the village of Sitra, south of Manama in 2017. (AFP) April 20, 2018 A Bahrain court sentenced 24 Shiite citizens to prison and stripped them of their nationality after finding them guilty of forming a “terrorist group”, a Bahraini judicial [...]

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Iran’s sophisticated interventions in Bahrain

The shadow of a woman is cast on a wall of Al-Fateh Grand Mosque as she arrives holding a Bahraini flag at a pro-government rally in Manama February 21, 2012. (REUTERS) By Majid Rafizadeh April 10, 2018 The Iranian regime’s meddlesome footprints are ubiquitous in the region, including in Bahrain, and the latest developments [...]

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Billion-dollar sanctions-busting scheme aided Iran, documents show

The skyline of Manama, Bahrain. (Bloomberg) By Souad Mekhennet and Joby Warrick April 5, 2018 Investigators have uncovered evidence of a multibillion-dollar corruption scheme by a Persian Gulf bank that secretly helped Iran evade sanctions for more than a decade, according to documents filed in a legal dispute. Records from a Bahraini government [...]

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Bahrain arrests 116 suspected terrorists linked to Iran’s IRGC

The shadow of a woman is cast on a wall of Al-Fateh Grand Mosque as she arrives holding a Bahraini flag at a pro-government rally in Manama February 21, 2012. (REUTERS) March 4, 2018 Security authorities in Bahrain arrested on Saturday 116 members of an armed network established and supported by Iran’s Revolutionary [...]

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Bahraini militants buried in Iran

‘Martyrdom’ photo released by Iranian media. From top left: Founder of Islamic Republic Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Bahraini Sheikh Isa Qasim, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. (LWJ) By Amir Toumaj and Caleb Weiss February 25, 2018 Today, Iranian state media publicized funeral ceremonies held in Qom for “three martyrs of the Bahraini people’s resistance.” The Iranian-supported [...]

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Bahraini militant group adopts IRGC branding

The new logo and flag of Saraya al Ashtar, which reflects the IRGC branding seen in many other Iranian-backed groups around the Middle East. (LWJ) By Caleb Weiss February 24, 2018 Saraya al Ashtar, an Iranian-supported militant group in Bahrain, has formally changed its logo to adopt the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) branding. [...]

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