Iran reportedly shipping oil to Syria overland as Suez not accessible

A general view of the Suez Canal from Al Salam "Peace" bridge on the Ismalia desert road. (Reuters) April 17, 2019 Egypt has prevented oil tankers heading to Syria to pass through the Suez Canal in past six months, Al Saudia Al-Aan news outlet cited Syrian Prime Minister Imad Khamis as saying last [...]

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Egyptian Princess Fawzia: How her marriage to Iran’s Pahlavi ended in divorce

Prince Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, (right), 19-year-old Crown Prince of Iran, marries Princess Fawzia, sister of King Farouk of Egypt, in Cairo, March 15, 1939. (AP) January 19, 2019 Iran was the first country to formally recognize Egypt after its independence from Britain. It opened an embassy in Cairo to improve relations between the [...]

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The Khamenei-Hezbollah rift over Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi

The Islamic Republic relies on the Lebanese Hezbollah foot soldiers to carry out its policies in Syria. (IranWire) By Parvaneh Masoumi March 19, 2018 A rift has emerged between Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah following comments made by Hezbollah’s Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah. In a speech, the Hezbollah leader highlighted differences of opinion regarding the [...]

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Egypt’s El-Sissi warns Iran to stop “meddling” in region

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sissi. (MENA file via AP) By Hamza Hendawi November 9, 2017 Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sissi said Wednesday that Iran must stop "meddling" in the Middle East and the security of Arab Gulf countries must not be threatened, but he underscored that he does not want war and believes dialogue can [...]

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Egypt responds to Iranian remarks on Cairo’s ‘wrong’ regional policies

Egyptian foreign minister Sameh Shoukry. (AP) By Ashraf Abd al-Hameed November 2, 2017 The Egyptian foreign ministry responded to Iran’s statements about Egypt’s policy in the Middle East and which an Iranian foreign ministry spokesperson described as “wrong.” Ahmed Abu Zeid, the Egyptian foreign ministry spokesperson, said stability in the Middle East is one [...]

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While Saudi-led Gulf bloc adopt counter-terrorism model, Doha joined Iran-led axis signing undisclosed security deal with US

Chiefs of staff of the Saudi-led Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition pose for a picture during a meeting in the capital Riyadh on March 27, 2016. (AFP) Track Persia - July 25, 2017 Saudi Arabia and Egypt have developed their alliance further to become a pan-Arab bloc against Iranian attempts to become a [...]

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Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and Egypt cut diplomatic ties with Qatar over supporting sectarian terrorists, backing Iranian agenda

June 5, 2017 Qatar has come under a far-reaching boycott at the hands of the most powerful Arab governments for taking Iran’s side against its Sunni Arab fellows.  Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirate and Bahrain announced early Monday, June 5, that they were breaking off diplomatic ties and all land, sea and airports [...]

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Egypt-Iran relations in spot after Iraqi Shi’i cleric visited Cairo

Track Persia - Apr 25, 2017 Ammar al-Hakim, one of Iraq’s prominent Shi’i clerics and politicians, travelled to Cairo this week in a visit that highlighted the warming relations between Egypt and Iran, Hakim’s main sponsor. Hakim and his delegation of Iraqi political figures were in Cairo ostensibly to promote their vision for a post-Islamic [...]

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Egyptian small arms cache uncovered, further Iranian connection

Apr 25, 2017 Recent news reports have revealed that an arms cache in use by the Muslim Brotherhood was recently uncovered by Egyptian Security Forces in the vicinity of Alexandria. A number of small arms and explosive devices were uncovered, several of which will be noted below due to their peculiarity. However one of the [...]

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Iranian weapons taken by IS in Syria may have killed Egyptian soldiers in Sinai

Apr 17, 2017 A video published online by the Islamic State group showing snipers from Wilayat Sinai, the group’s Egyptian affiliate, shooting Egyptian soldiers has many asking how the advanced sniper equipment fell into IS hands. Military analysts in Egypt who spoke to a news website run by Al Arabiya suggested that the weapons seen in [...]

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