Iran praises ‘constructive’ Egyptian effort in Syria crisis

Iran's speaker for International Affairs, Hossein Amir Abdollahian October 6, 2016 Iran’s Shura Council Assistant Speaker for International Affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian hailed Egypt’s efforts towards the Syrian crisis, describing them as “constructive”, Quds Press reported. According to Iran’s official news agency, Fars, Abdollahian met with Yasser Othman, the official taking care of the Egyptian interests [...]

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Alleged use of Iranian arms by ISIS in Sinai draws in investigations

An Egyptian military vehicle is seen on the highway in northern Sinai, Egypt, in this May 25, 2015 file photo. (Reuters) August 12, 2016 A large-scale investigation has been launched over allegations that Iran is supplying Ansar Bait al-Maqdis with weapons in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, Israeli and Egyptian sources said. A reliable Israeli [...]

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Iranian arms going to ISIS-linked ‘Sinai Province’ terror group

ISIS terrorists using Iranian-made weapons. (screenshot / ISIS video) August 9, 2016 Iranian arms are appearing in the hands of the Sinai Province branch of the Da’esh (ISIS) terrorist organization. An image seen on Twitter over the weekend showed Islamic State terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula holding the Iranian-made AM-50 Sayyad rifle. View [...]

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Iran condemns Egypt MPs’ presence at opposition rally as Tehran anger grows

Condemnation of Egyptian participation in anti-government rally in Paris follows similar condemnations of Saudi Arabia and France. July 15, 2016 Iran has summoned Egypt's top envoy in Tehran to "strongly protest" against the attendance of Egyptian lawmakers at an annual rally of an exiled opposition group, state media said. An Iranian foreign ministry [...]

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Tehran, Cairo to relaunch energy trade

June 22, 2016 Iranian media have quoted the deputy head of the Association of Petrochemical Industry Corporation (APIC) as saying on Tuesday that following Cairo’s recent “green light” to Iran to transfer crude oil to European countries through Egypt’s SUMED pipeline, Iran has been in talks with the North African country to sell it liquefied [...]

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Iran’s Relationship with Terrorist Organizations: A study of Iranian violence psychology

June 9, 2016 ♦ Introduction Iran’s policy makers are aware that their policies have supported, both politically and religiously, extremists and militants in the region and around the world. Perhaps these policies are undertaken to serve the political or sectarian interests of Iran and its allies. Iran’s policies presented themselves as being morals-based, and this [...]

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NO surprise: Iranians float idea Israel responsible for Egypt Air crash

May 23, 2016 True to form, the Iranian semi-official FARS News Agency has claimed many Egyptians believe Israel was behind the crash of an EgyptAir A320 in the Mediterranean Sea last week. According to the Islamist news agency, "the Egyptian media" have speculated that the crash might have been the result of "Israeli fighter jets' exercises in [...]

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Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood: The best of enemies?

Then Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi (R) greets Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Cairo in February 2013. May 20, 2016 When the Arab Spring revolutions broke out in 2011, the Islamic Republic of Iran hailed them as an “Islamic awakening” and considered them as a continuation of its own revolution in 1979. The affinity [...]

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Egypt sets conditions for dialogue with Iran

Egypt's Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry April 26, 2016 When Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi took office in June 2014, he invited Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to attend the inauguration ceremony, which sparked talk about a possible restoration of relations between the two countries. During a March 31 interview with the Saudi newspaper Okaz, Egyptian Foreign Minister [...]

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Egypt Fears ‘Quiet Takeover’ by Iran-Backed Shi’a Islam

March 23, 2016 The Egyptian government has warned against an alleged Iranian plot to bolster Shi’a Islam in five regions, from which it plans to take over the entire country, Al Masr al Youm newspaper reported. The investigative report suggested that “foreign efforts” are being made to expand and strengthen Egypt’s 15,000-strong Shi’a population. Most [...]

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